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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Finds from Vero Modero and The Kollective

Ready for a shopping adventure?  Well, grab your purse and head to Vero Modero and The Kollective!

If you have not visited Vero Modero for awhile, now would be a great time!  I found some fantastic summer items that are sure to make your wardrobe very happy!  The photo below shows the sexy Valli outfit, and it includes the top, ruffles, and pants. 

Vero Modero -- Valli
Anna Shapes @ The Collective -- Lanna Shape
Another item I found that is great for the warmer temperatures is the Hippie Set!  The delightful set includes the top, belt, skirt, earrings, and bracelet!

Vero Modero -- Hippie Set (includes jewelry and belt)
Anna Shapes @ The Collective -- Lanna Shape
I also I found the gorgeous Universe set during my visit to Vero Modero   I adored the classic design with attitude and edge!  The outfits are both feminine and fierce at the same time!  Each set includes the frilled jacket, belt, skirt, and top!

Vero Modero -- Universe Line
Anna Shapes @ The Collective -- Lanna Shape
While I was visiting The Kollective, I found the enchanting Lanna Shape from Anna Shapes!  The shape is shown in the photos on this post.  I think you will agree that the shape is beautifully created and lovely in every detail!  

The photo below shows the fetching Bard shoes from Loordes of London at The Kollective!  I love the design and the darling gold zipper accent of the creation!  I also love that I can wear the shoes with business or casual attire!

Loordes of London @ The Kollective --  The Bard
Anna Shapes @ The Collective -- Lanna Shape 
While you are at Vero Modero and The Kollective, be sure to join the groups to stay informed of events and the fantastic group gifts!

Happy Shopping!

Outfits:  Vero Modero -- Valli, Hippie, Earth, Leaf, Inca
Shape:  Anna Shapes @ The Kollective -- Lanna (Kollective exclusive)
Shoes:  Loordes of London @ The Kollective -- The Bard (Kollective exclusive)
Skin:  WoW Skins -- Iman (natural)
Hair:  Tameless Hair -- Vix
Lipstick:  Shakeup -- Lara (mahogany) 
Earrings:  Cae -- Timeless
Nails:  AlterEgo -- Juicy
Sandals:  Aleida -- No longer available 
Poses:  Glitterati -- 4, 6, 7, 10, and Dead Ringer 3 (closing soon!)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Vero Modero -- Releases for a Goddess

I'm so very excited to show you a few of the gowns from Vero Modero's collection inspired by Greek goddess!  There are five gowns total in the collection, and I'm sure you will adore each of the creations!

The gowns pictured below are named after the Greek goddesses Eirene, Nike, and Nyks.  As you probably remember, they are the goddesses of peace, victory, and the night.  I think each of these exquisite creations are a very lovely tribute to each of the goddesses.  

Gown:  Vero Modero -- Eirene
Pose:  KaTink --  Chic 1

Gown:  Vero Modero -- Nike
Pose:  KaTink -- Chic 5

Gown:  Vero Modero -- Nyks
Pose:  KaTink -- Chic 18

While you are at Vero Modero, be sure to check out the other releases and the discount room!  Also, don't forget to join the group to stay informed on new releases, events, and to receive the fantastic group gifts!

Happy Shopping!

Gowns:  Vero Modero -- Eirene, Nike, and Nyks
Skin:  Style by Kira -- Elena 01 C
Shape:  Anna Shapes -- Claudia
Jewelry:  FuLo -- Juliana
Hair:  Truth -- Odette
Shoes:  Redgrave -- Nikki
Poses:  KaTink -- Chic 1, 5, and 18
Location:  Athenian Empire

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Disappearing March 31st -- Hunt Items from Vero Modero

As I mentioned in my previous post, Vero Modero is participating in several hunt and is also conducting an Easter Egg Hunt in their store.  The following photos show off only a few of the fantastic prizes awaiting you, but don't delay because the hunts will be over on March 31st!

Vero Modero -- Easter Egg Hunt Prize

Vero Modero -- Easter Egg Hunt Prize

Vero Modero -- Easter Bunny in Love Hunt Prize
Hint:  Open Sesame

You'll want to be certain to visit the Vero Modero blog to see more hunt prizes, and to view more of the Easter Egg hunt items!

Of course, be sure to join the Vero Modero group to stay updated on new releases, hunts, events, and fabulous group gifts!

Hunt Prize:   Vero Modero --  Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Bunny in Love
Hair:  Tameless Hair  -- Estelle
Skin:  Apparence Skins -- Nyx (for SYS Project)
Shape:  Anna Shapes -- Danny
Pose:  KaTink -- Demi
Location:  Neva River

Feeling like a Goddess -- Style by Kira and Vero Modero

It's good to be back...or at least have the hope of being back.  I've been having some connection issues, and the weather has not been helpful in permitting the company to fix those issues. So, I'll cross my fingers I can stay online to show you some fantastic creations!

If you have not visited the Skin Fair, you'll want to rush on over because the event will be ending very soon.  While I was there, I found the enchanting Olivia skin at the Style by Kira booth.  The Olivia skin is an event exclusive; therefore, you'll want to pick it up quickly! You'll also want to check out the Olivia lipsticks, and the other beautiful creations while you are there!

Style by Kira -- Olivia Skins (1b, 1c, 1d)
Tameless Hair -- Locked
You'll be happy to know that Vero Modero has placed their releases from Fashion For Life at the main store!  So, if you missed being able to attend the event, you can still grab the fabulous creations!  I think you can understand why I fell in love with the Life creation.  The detail is extraordinary! 
Vero Modero -- Life
Style by Kira -- Olivia (1c)
Tameless Hair -- Locked
Oh, before I forget, Vero Modero is also participating in several hunts, and the prizes are wonderful as always!  Plus, they are also having an Easter Egg Hunt with fantastic prizes which cost only L$10 for each egg filled with goodies!  I'll be showing you some of those prizes later today (if connection holds)! So, check back soon!

Happy Shopping and Hunting!

Skin:  Style by Kira @ Skin Fair -- Olivia (Skin Fair exclusive)
Gown:  Vero Modero -- Life
Hair:  Tameless -- Locked
Shape:  Anna Shapes -- Danny
Pose:  WetCat -- Falbala 4
Location:  Red Roses Ballroom

Monday, February 25, 2013

Inspired by Vero Modero, Rumina, and Dulce Secrets

I've said before that I love the creations from Vero Modero because they challenge you to reinvent yourself each trip.  Well, the Cocco set from Vero Modero is an outfit which challenged my imagination!

The Cocco set from Vero Modero is a stunning ensemble which includes the bolero jacket, ornate top, fetching boots, and the baroque inspired skirt!  When I first saw the outfit, I fell in love with it and wanted to add to it's artistically dramatic effect.

Recently, inspiration came to me to create a look for the Cocco set when I found the captivating baroque mask for only L$75, and gorgeous Brynn skin for only L$55 at Dulce Secrets!  The look was finished when I came across the fabulous Alicia 2 hair from Rumina!  I guess my inspiration paid off because I received several complementary IMs on my look while I explored SL earlier today!

When you visit Vero Modero,  Rumina, and Dulce Secrets, be sure to join the group for each business so you can stay informed on new releases, events, and group gifts!

Happy Shopping!

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Outfit:  Vero Modero -- Cocco Set (includes boots)
Hair:  Rumina -- Alicia 2
Skin:  Dulce Secrets -- Brynne (Riesling Conversation Pink)  only L$55!
Mask:  Dulce Secrets -- Baroque Mask 1
Shape:  Anna Shapes -- Ayla
Jewelry:  Cae -- Tangled
Nails:  AlterEgo -- Juicy
Pose:  The Muse Poses -- Nile

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hunt Prizes and Group Gift from Vero Modero

Have you grabbed the fabulous hunt gifts from Vero Modero?  What about the February group gift?  If not, you'll want to do so soon, before your opportunity passes you by!

The Vero Modero hunt prize for the Cupid's Arrow Hunt is a fetching Flora Silk dress that you won't want to miss having in your closet!  The vibrant dress is sure to be a hit no matter where you wear it!  

Another hunt prize from Vero Modero is for the Tainted Love Hunt!  The prize includes the black mini-dress and a pair of sexy black school socks!  What I love about this prize is that you can have so much fun personalizing it for your own unique look!

The February Vero Modero Group gift is an elegant gown that will be perfect for capturing attention and hearts as you enter the room!  And gentleman, there is also a group gift for you!

Now that you have seen the group gift and hunt prizes, please be aware that the Cupid's Arrow Hunt ends on February 24th and the Tainted Love Hunt ends on February 28th!   You still have plenty of time to nab both prizes at Vero Modero, but don't let the time pass you by! You can check out the Vero Modero blog to see the hunt hints, and also check out the other hunt prizes I've not included yet!

Happy Hunting!!

Top Photo:
Dress:  Vero Modero -- Flora Silk Dress (Cupid's Arrow Hunt Prize)
Jewelry:  J & W Jewelers:  Dru Erin Collection (dark ruby) (Contact Wenadrenia Soderstrom)
Nails:  AlterEgo -- Juicy Nails
Hair:  [e] -- Control
Skin:  Apparence Skins -- Lilou (T3 base)
Shape:  Anna Shapes -- Ayla (model)
Pose:  KaTink -- Demi

Middle Photo:
Dress:  Vero Modero -- Sq Dress (Tainted Love Hunt Prize)
Jewelry:  J & W Jewelers:  Leslie Necklace  (Contact Wenadrenia Soderstrom)
Tote:  KKBB -- Diedre Shoulder Tote (circles)
Belt:  KKBB -- Tess Belt (black cubes)
Eyeshadow:  Shakeup -- Eyeshadow + Eyelashes (gray) (from Marketplace)
Lipstick:  Shakeup -- Linx 
Nails:  FineSmith -- Solid Red
Hair:  [e] -- Spark
Skin:  Apparence Skins -- Lilou (T3 base)
Shape:  Anna Shapes -- Ayla (model)
Pose:  WetCat -- Falbala

Bottom Photo
Gown:  Vero Modero -- February Group Gift
Earrings:  J & W Jewelers:  Dru Erin Collection (dark ruby) (Contact Wenadrenia Soderstrom)
Lashes:  R.icielli -- From Bella avatar
Lipstick:  Shakeup -- Linx 
Nails:  FineSmith -- Solid Red
Hair:  [e] -- Rumor
Skin:  Apparence Skins -- Lilou (T3 base)
Shape:  Anna Shapes -- Ayla (model)
Pose:  WetCat -- Nala

Friday, February 15, 2013

Ending Today -- Cold Winter Nights Hunt

The Cold Winter Nights Hunt ends today!  If you have not grabbed up the prizes, you'll want to hurry!  Of course, I have a few more prizes to show you which you don't want to miss nabbing!

You'll want to make a bit more room in your closet for the adorable pompom sweater from PurpleMoon and the beautifully artistic mesh hoodie from Iron Claw !  Both prizes are superbly created, and gorgeously detailed!

Prize from Iron Claw

The last prizes I have to show you are from Cleo Design and Wayward Muse!  Cleo Design's prize includes the color change sofa with a variety of animations, newspaper rack, table with candles and fruit bowl, rug, wall mirror, and the mask pictures!  The absolutely enchanting prize from Wayward Muse is the set of frosted mirrors!  Believe me, you will kick yourself if you miss out on these prizes!

Prizes from Cleo Designs and Wayward Muse
As mentioned, the hunt ends today; therefore, you'll want to rush to nab all the prizes you have missed.  You can check out the other prizes by visiting the Cold Winter Night Hunt page!

Happy Hunting!

Cold Winter Nights Hunt Prize:  Iron Claw -- Cold Winter Mesh Hoodie
Cold Winter Nights Hunt Prize:  PurpleMoon -- PomPom Sweater
Cold Winter Nights Hunt Prize:  Cleo Design -- Furniture Set 
Cold Winter Nights Hunt Prize:  Wayward Muse -- Frosted Mirrors
Cold Winter Nights Hunt Prize:  Ocean Body Design --  Milla Has A Cold Skin
Jeans:  Razorblade Jacket -- Fuel Low rise w/ belt
Hair:  [e] -- Again
Shape:  Style by Kira -- Honey
Nails:  AlterEgo -- Juicy Nails
Boots:  Vero Modero -- Country boots (November gift)
Pose:  KaTink -- Demi

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Vero Modero -- No Escaping Love

Just in for Valentine's Day is the Fuzz Gown from Vero Modero!  This delightfully alluring and elegant new release that will cause heads to turn and hearts to flutter as you enter the room!  And gentlemen, you have not been forgotten, there are some stunning creations for Valentine's Day awaiting you!

When you visit Vero Modero, be sure to join the group to stay informed of new releases and to enjoy the generous group gifts!  Also, take time to find the fantastic hunt prizes for this month!  I'll be sharing some of them with you soon; however, you can see them now by visiting Vero Modero's blog.

Happy Shopping and Hunting!!

Gown:  Vero Modero -- Fuzz Gown
Jewelry:  Stars! -- Triangle Lace set
Lipstick:  Shakeup -- Linx
Hair:  [e] --  Found
Shape:  Style by Kira -- Elena
Skin:  Dulce Secrets --  Glo. Malibu (bare)
Shoes:  Redgrave -- Nikki
Pose:  KaTink -- Demi
Location:  Red Roses Ballroom

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wrap Yourself in Beauty -- Vero Modero, Tameless Hair, Style by Kira, & Anna Shapes

If the winter blues are starting to set in, chase them away by wrapping yourself in the beautiful creations from Vero Modero, Tameless HairStyle by Kira, and Anna Shapes!

Vero Modero has been hard at work designing unique creations, and the diligence has paid off with their most recent releases!  One of the most recent releases is the radiant Or Gown.  I think you will agree, the elegance and exquisite beauty of the Or Gown is breathtakingly enchanting!

Vero Modero -- Or Gown
To create the look above, I used one of the newest releases from Tameless Hair named Venus.  The name for the hairstyle is fitting since I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it!  I also used the beautiful Nadja shape from Anna Shapes and the alluring Elena skin from Style by Kira.  You'll be thrilled to know the Elena skin shown can be found at the Designers Showcase for only L$75!  

Style by Kira -- Elena Skin (L$75 at the Designers Showcase)
Anna Shapes:  Nadja
Tameless Hair -- Venus (chocolate)

Another stunning release from Vero Modero is the Ginto Gown.  The creation includes the gorgeous, flowing cape and the captivating mesh gown!  Believe me, you'll feel like royalty while you wear this ensemble!

Vero Modero -- Ginto Gown (includes cape)

There are several new releases awaiting you from Vero ModeroTameless HairStyle by Kira, and Anna Shapes, so grab your coat and purse to chase away those winter blues with some retail therapy!

Happy shopping!

Gowns:  Vero Modero --  Or Gown & Ginto Gown with Cape
Hair: Tameless Hair -- Venus & Felicity
Skin:  Style by Kira -- Elena (1B Opt. 1) L$75 at Designer Showcase
Shape:  Anna Shapes --Nadja
Nails:  Finesmith -- Golden
Jewelry:  Beertjes Gallery and Jewelry Store -- Spring Breeze
Poses:  KaTink -- Catherine (from Set 2)
Location:  Amorosa Ballroom 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Vero Modero -- More to Love

I'm always excited to visit Vero Modero!  It's one of those places that inspires you to reinvent yourself with every trip!  There is always something to add new life to an outfit you already cherish.  

My most current trip to Vero Modero introduced me to one of the newest releases.  The La Panca set includes the mesh top, lace bikini top, and pants.  I must say, this outfit was a lot of fun to style!  I look forward to seeing what others choose to wear with this fantastic outfit!  

If you love La Panca, you will adore the hunt prize from Vero Modero for the Winter Blues Hunt!  I think you will agree that the prize makes the chill of winter a lot easier to tolerate!  There are also a few other hunts going on, so keep your eyes open for those prizes as well!

While you are at Vero Modero, be sure to join the group to stay updated on new releases, events, hunts, and the fantastic group gifts!

After you visit Vero Modero, be sure to stop into  Dulce Secrets and Anna Shapes for the stunning skin and lovely shape shown in the photos!  Of course, you'll also want to check out Loq and Tameless Hair for the captivating hair styles!

Happy Shopping and Happy Hunting!

Top Photo Credits:
Outfit:  Vero Modero -- La Panca
Hair:  Loq -- Margarita (chocolate copper)
Necklace:  J&W Jewelers -- Brooks Collection
Nails: Mandala -- Milky Way Ring and Nails (gaga black)
Shoes:  Redgrave -- Nikki
Skin:  Dulce Secrets -- Glo.Sherry (bare)
Shape:  Anna Shapes -- Sunshine (model)
Prop: oOo Studio -- Stacked

Bottom Photo Credits:
Outfit:  Vero Modero -- Winter Blues Hunt Prize
Hair:  Tameless Hair -- Wynona 
Nails:  Finesmith -- Solid White
Shoes:  Redgrave -- Nikki
Skin:  Dulce Secrets -- Glo.Sherry (bare)
Shape:  Anna Shapes -- Sunshine (model)
Prop: oOo Studio -- Stacked

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Vero Modero -- New Releases and Group Gift Treats

"New" is such a thrilling word, don't you think?  At Vero Modero  there are plenty of thrills awaiting you in new releases!  Plus, if you are a group member, you'll be thrilled with the new monthly group gift and a wonderful group gift every day until Christmas!   If you are not a member, joining is free and maybe these creations will inspire you to make room for joining the group!

As mentioned, Vero Modero has treated fashion lovers to several new releases.  One of the newest releases is the Rinaldi set!  I simply adore the delicate lace, and the romantic period appeal of the set.  This lovely creation includes the top, skirt, bolero, gloves, and the lace collar with jewel accent. 

Another new release is the Rossi Paint Dress!  This fabulously artistic creation includes the dress, belt, and matching boots!  This would make a beautiful gift for a friend, or your own closet!

Of course, Vero Modero is also very generous to their group members.  The photo on the left shows the stunning "4th Day of Christmas" gift.   You can check the Vero Modero website to see the beautiful gifts from the previous days.  I'll warn you, have a tissue handy because you will shed some tears over the gifts you have missed.  The photo on the right shows the lovely December group gift!   I think you will agree, it is a wonderful time to be a group member of Vero Modero!

While you are at Vero Modero, be sure to check out the other exquisite creations!  And again, join the group to stay informed on releases, events, and the group gifts!

Happy Shopping!

Outfits:  Vero Modero -- Rinaldi, Rossi, 4th Day of Christmas Gift, December Group Gift, 
Skin:  Apparence  -- Lilou (T3 E5)
Shape:  Anna Shapes -- Jasmin (model)
Hair:  [e] --  Abbey (brown 08), Rumor (brown 08), Spark (black 04), Thrive (red 08)
Shoes:  Redgrave -- Nikki
Pose:  Glitterati -- 19, 59, 61, 86

Friday, November 30, 2012

Vero Modero -- Candy Cane 4 Hunt Gift

Vero Modero is always generous to their customers, and those who participate in the hunts.  December 1st marks the beginning of the Candy Cane 4 Hunt, and Vero Modero has a fantastic uni-sex prize for the hunters!

The prize, as always, is stunning and includes the top and the pants!  The hint for the Candy Cane 4 Hunt prize is, "Not all of us want to be hidden behind a curtain, but certainly I am."  

This outfit really is wonderful for either a male or a female!  So, bring your male friends along during the hunt!    You can refer the males to the Vero Modero site to see the hunt gift on a male.  The site also, of course, includes information on recent fashion releases and other hunts!  

After finding the hunt prize, you and your friends can create gorgeous Christmas photos and cards using the new Christmas Card backgrounds from KaTink while wearing your matching outfits!

While you are at Vero Modero  be sure to join the group to stay informed on other events and pick up the amazing free group gifts!  Believe me, you don't want to miss out on any of the events or the gifts!  Also, be sure to check out the new releases and the Secret Sale items!

Happy Hunting and Happy Shopping!

Outfit:  Vero Modero -- Candy Cane 4 Hunt prize
Makeup:  Noya -- Smokey Fall (from Avril package)
Skin:  Apparence -- Lilou (T3 base)
Shape:  Anna Shapes -- Snow
Hair:  D!va -- Daria (Topaz)
Shoes:  Redgrave -- Nikki
Poses:  KaTink -- Allison 2 & 5
Background:  KaTink -- Christmas Card 20 (from pack 2)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Vero Modero -- Wonderfully Wicked Halloween Hunt Prizes

Halloween will soon be upon u,s and Vero Modero is helping you celebrate in style!

Vero Modero is participating in several hunts this month, and the prizes are simply amazing!  Believe me, you will not want to miss out on any of these superb hunt prizes!  After you obtain all the gifts, set yourself free to mix-and-match the outfits!  You'll be delighted with the combinations you can create!  And be sure to tell your male friends that there is a hunt prize waiting for them!

Trick or Treat Trail Hunt ( October 1st - November 1st)
Prize includes pants, top, cuffs, shoulder pieces,  and collar
Hint:  I shall welcome you as you arrive.

Happy Halloween Hunt (October 4th - November 4th)
Hunt prize includes tank, top, skirt, and stockings
Hint:  If I was not here all the place would crumble.

The Undead Hunt (October 5th - October 31st)
Hunt prize includes corset, leaves at waist & chest, gloves, pants, and collar
Hint:  If your biological clock is already ticking you will know where to find me.

The Bright and Tight Hunt (October 15th - November 15th)
Hunt prize includes top, skirt, and tights
Hint:  May I lead your way?

Tricksters Halloween Hunt (October 10th - October 29th)
Hunt prize includes top, pants, and cape.
Hint:  I am not sure if I am ready to take the plunge yet
(Vendor photo)

Trick or Treat Hunt (October 21st - November 3rd)
Hunt prize includes corset, pants, and cape
Hint:  3 ladies, but only one of us blends in.

While you are at Vero Modero, be sure to join the group!  You won't want to miss out on the news of new releases, events, discounts, and the unbelievable group gifts!

Happy Shopping and Happy Hunting!

Outfits:  Vero Modero -- Hunt prize gifts
Skin:  Apparence Skins and Shapes -- Jezebel (for SYS Project
Hair:  [e] -- Never, Spark, Shine, Again, Rumor (black 04)
Shape:  Anna Shapes -- Raissa 
Poses:  WetCat Builds and Poses -- TTB 16, 17, 19, & 27 and Emanuel 5

Monday, June 25, 2012

Flawless Summer Lovin' Cart Sale -- Punky Chicks & Stars!

Does the word "sale" make you as happy as it does me?  Well, I'm about to make you very happy because the Flawless Summer Lovin' Cart Sale is in full swing, and Punky Chicks and Stars! are only a few of the businesses at the event!

Punky Chicks has a very cute outfit for only L$50 which is an exclusive item for this event!  The outfit is perfect for hot summer days!  Personally, I can't wait to wear this adorably sexy outfit to a concert on a beach! 

While you are roaming about, make sure to visit the Punky Chicks store at Flawless.  There are many fabulous creations ranging from casual to business.  In the upstairs portion of the store, I found a wonderful Mesh Suit!  I really do adore the entire classic design!  I'm now wishing I had some meetings set up to show it off! 

Of course, after I found the suit, I had to find some jewelry to pair with it!  I stopped by the Stars! cart and found the Sandy set!  The beautiful, beaded set was only L$50 and included the earrings, and three necklaces with attachments for the spine and chest to allow wearing multiple necklaces!  It felt like Christmas when I opened the box!

While at the Stars! cart, I also found other lovely teasures for my new suit.  I just couldn't resist the Blossom set and the Ocean set!  After you see the sets for yourself, I'm sure you can understand why the sets had to come home with me, and my new suit from Punky Chicks!

There are many, many more designers at the Flawless Summer Lovin' Cart Sale and there is also a hunt with fantastic prizes to be found!  This is really an event you don't want to miss!

Happy Summer Shopping!

Flawless Cart Sale Item:  Punky Chicks (cart) -- Exclusive Summer Top and Pants
Flawless Cart Sale Item:  Stars! (cart)  -- Sandy set
Outfit:  Punky Chicks at Flawless -- Mesh Suit
Jewelry:  Stars! (cart) -- Blossom set and Ocean set
Shoes:  Vero Modero -- Pumps
Hair:  Analog Dog -- Check Mate & Manhattan
Skin: Apparence Skins & Shapes-- Caprice (T5 F4)
Shape:  Noya -- Avril
Pose:  Glitterati -- 51, 59, 202

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vero Modero -- Hunt Gifts!

Vero Modero is participating in several hunts during June, and the prizes for each are extremely generous!  You'll want to visit the Vero Modero blog to find out about the hunts for the guys, because the prizes I am showing today are for the ladies. 

Though I have no inclination for marriage, the Now That You Are Mine Hunt prize almost made me wish for a future wedding so I could show off this exquisite wedding gown to others!

I was amazed by the beautiful, delicate lace and the soft, ornate detailing along the bust and hips.  I can't imagine the time and effort in creating such an elegant prize!  If you have any plans to marry, this gown would be a lovely creation to place in your closet for that special day!  The hunt prize is only L$1 and includes the gown, veil, and arm attachments.

The next prize is from the Poppin' Penguin Hunt.  This prize is sure to captivate all eyes on the beach or at a pool party!  This irresistible hunt prize is only L$1 and includes the fetching bikini and the alluring beach dress!

Last, but certainly not least, is the Midsummer Night Dream 3 Hunt prize!  This is one of the most lovely and unique fairy outfits I have seen!  You will not want to miss out on this prize which includes the charming fairy dress and the delicate fairy wings for only L$1!

While you are completing the hunts at Vero Modero , be sure to join the group to stay informed on events, discounts, hunts, and to receive the amazing group gifts! 

Happy hunting!

Now That You are Mine Hunt:  Vero Modero -- Wedding Gown
Poppin' Penguin Hunt: Vero Modero -- Bikini & Beach Dress
Midsummer Night Dream 3 Hunt:  Vero Modero -- Fairy Outfit
Earrings: Hatter 'n Hell -- Onyx square cut (Accessories Hunt Gift)
Hair:  elikatira -- Rumor (Brown 08 and Blonde 02)
Hair:  Amacci -- Boa (Coffee)
Skin:  Essences -- Alexia
Shape:  Noya -- Avril
Poses:  Glitterati -- 245, 19, 289, 283, 17, 251
Photo Locations:  Gardens of Grace and Syx Monkies

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Runway Perfect Hunt Gifts -- PNP, WetCat & Vero Modero

The Runway Perfect Hunt has amazing prizes and ::WetCat::, Vero Modero, and PNP show great generosity in their gifts for the hunters.  The Runway Perfect Hunt ends April 30, so don't delay in grabbing the prizes shown from the creators!

Vero Modero created a gown that is certainly fitting for the runway! The Gina gown is elegantly unique and simply gorgeous! I love the beautiful train, flowing shoulder accent, and the colors! Of course, the three prize poses from PNP show off the gown in exquisite detail! You couldn't ask for more generous gifts!

The prize from ::WetCat:: is a prop named Window Dressing and it is a totally amazing prize!  The photo shows only two of the ten possible poses in the prop!  That's right, ten poses!  There are five female and five male poses which are changeable through the menu.  This prize is a treasure for any model, photographer, or blogger!

While you are hunting at PNP, Vero Modero, and ::WetCat::, be sure to join the groups so you don't miss out on new releases, discounts, hunt prizes, and wonderful group gifts! 

Happy hunting!

Top Photo Credits:
Runway Perfect Hunt Prize:  Vero Modero -- Gina Gown
Runway Perfect Hunt Prize:  PNP -- Runway Perfect Hunt 1, 2, and 3
Hair:  [elikatira] -- Rumor (brown 08)
Skin:  Noya -- Pippa
Shape:  Noya -- Pippa

Bottom Photo Credits:
Runway Perfect Hunt Prize:  ::WetCat:: -- Window Dressing prop
Runway Perfect Hunt Prize:  Vero Modero -- Gina Gown
Hair: [elikatira] -- Rumor (brown 08)
Skin: Noya -- Pippa
Shape:  Noya -- Pippa

Monday, April 2, 2012

Vero Modero -- Mesh Releases!

I'm beginning to really love mesh creations, especially when they have the quality like those from Vero Modero.  I've never ceased to be amazed by the exquisite detail, creativity, and versatility of the items from Vero Modero.

One of the recent mesh releases from Vero Modero is the Shanon Ela Set.  This set has been given a special location in my closet because of it's unique style, versatility, and accessories!  The Shanon Ela Set includes the beautifully detailed top, four skirt lengths in three sizes, and also the masks to accompany each skirt length.  Also included in the set is the belt, adorable hat, long scarf, and short scarf!  You couldn't ask for more from a set!

Shanon Ela Set:  Skirt lengths -- Above Knee, Short, and Long (Below Knee not pictured)

Another mesh creation from Vero Modero is the Balloon Dress.   This fun and spirited creation includes the dress, alpha mask, and the solid-colored leggings.  The Balloon Dress is available in Ikat, Satin, Plaid Black, Plaid Red, Grey, Bloom, Red Glitter, Pop, and Rainbow. 

Balloon Dress shown in Rainbow

Ready to purchase these outfits?  You will find the Shanon Ela Set and the Balloon Dress in the Mesh Section at Vero Modero.   After you have purchased these items, you'll want to make time to find the wonderful hunt gifts from the Easter Hunt which ends on April 8!  You'll find the hints for the Easter Hunt in the landing area!

Top Photo Credits
Outfit:  Vero Modero -- Shanon Ela Set
Hair:  Exile -- Nomi (Sunset)
Makeup: Noya -- Spring Makeup (Eyeliner Special + Natural Lipgloss)
Shape:  Noya -- Pippa
Skin:  Noya -- Pippa
Poses:  *VEXTRA DESIGN* -- ANI-mate HUD (stock stand 194 & 160)

Bottom Photo Credits
Outfit: Vero Modero -- Balloon Dress (Rainbow)
Jewelry:  Finesmith Designs -- Wish Earrings and Necklace
Hair:  D!va -- Diva2 (Topaz)
Shape: Noya -- Pippa
Skin: Noya -- Pippa
Poses: *VEXTRA DESIGN* -- ANI-mate HUD (stock stand 76)