Sunday, December 14, 2014

Nice and Slightly Naughty

Each of us have a nice and a slightly naughty side, right?  Well, I have a look today that is nice and slightly naughty!

First, let me show you the something for your nice side!  The photo below shows the Candi skin from The Skin You're In at Toys for Tots event.   The Candi skin is only L$200, and 100% of the sale goes towards the Toys for Tots charity!  For your donation, you will receive the skin, teeth tattoo, freckle tattoo, dimple tattoo, brow layers, and also a shape!  If you want to donate more, there is a donation wagon nearby.

To get to the Toys for Tots event, click on the teleporter at the landing area and choose Santa from the menu.  When you arrive, go down the stairs and you will see the items for the event along the wall.  Be sure to tell your friends as this is a fabulous cause!
Skin & Teeth Tatoo:  TSYI -- Candi for Toys for Tots event.   
Hair:  Tameless -- Raina (Fades)
Shape:  Anna Shapes -- Noelle
Earrings:  Stars!  -- Triangle Lace
Also for your nice side is the fabulous Raina hairstyle from Tameless!  Raina is a new release, and would make a wonderful gift to yourself and a friend!  You can choose from naturals, fantasy, and fades color packages for only L$249 each, or you can purchase the mega pack for only L$499!

While you are at Tameless, you can pick up the irresistible Forbidden outfit for your slightly naughty side!  The outfit includes the mesh crop sweater, jeans, legwarmer boots, thigh holster with pistol, and several appliers for the pants!  The set is available in black, red, and olive for only L$249!
Outfit:  Tameless -- Forbidden (Tank NOT included)
Skin:  TSYI -- Candi for Toys for Tots event.  
Hair:  Tameless -- Raina (Fades)
Shape:  Anna Shapes -- Noelle
Earrings:  Stars! -- Triangle Lace
Pose:  Eternal Dreams -- Altair 9 (for Designer Circle)
Something I liked about the Forbidden outfit is that I could make the outfit more versatile by being able to pair any tank tank in my inventory with it!  The photo on the right shows one of the tank tops I chose to pair with it.

While you are at Tameless, be sure to join the group to stay informed on new releases, events, and the fabulous group gifts!  Also, be sure to stop by Stars! to check out the selection of jewelry for you to wear with your new outfit!

Happy Shopping!

Skin:  The Skin You're In @ Toys for Tots -- Candi (Sunglow) 100% to Toys for Tots
Outfit:  Tameless -- Forbidden (includes sweater, jeans, legwarmer boots, and holster w/gun)
Hair:  Tameless -- Raina (fades)
Tank:  Tameless -- Wanted (from Vix avatar set)
Lashes:  Tameless -- Lashes 30
Earrings:  Stars! -- Triangle Lace (silver) (send note to Stargem Winkler to purchase)
Shape:  Anna Shapes -- Noelle

Location:  Virtual Decay

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Makeover Room

Have you visited The Makeover Room yet?  If not, you have until December 26th to grab the exclusive items for the first round of the event!  Shown below are a few of the beautiful, exclusive items for the event at huge savings!

The enchanting Adriana II Creme skin from Elysium at The Makeover Room is shown below!  The package includes the skin with and without freckles, shape, cleavage options (with and normal), and red, light, dark, and no brow options.  Plus, your purchase also includes appliers for Omega, TMP, SLink, *KL*, AMD Babybump, Loudmouth, and Brazilia Doll!  That is an incredible value for only L$300!  Yes, you read correctly, L$300!  If you are wanting cosmetic options, you will find a package of 10 lipsticks and 6 eye shadows for the Adriana II skin for only L$150 each!  

Skin:  Elysium - Adriana II Creme for The Makeover Room (with and without freckles)
Shape:  Anna Shapes - Noelle
Hair:  Tameless Hair -  Moira (Discounted!  Only L$99 for mega pack!)
Pose:  Eternal Dreams - Altair 5 for Designer Circle 

Shape: Elysium - Adriana II for The Makeover Room 
Skin:  Elysium - Adriana II Creme for The Makeover Room (with freckles & cleavage)
Entice - Firework (tights not shown)
Hair:  Tameless Hair -  Moira (Discounted!  Only L$99 for mega pack!)
Pose:  Eternal Dreams - Altair 7 for Designer Circle 

The two photos below show the extremely lovely Leda Tan skin from ND/MD at The Makeover Room!   There two versions of Leda Tan available to you, with and without dimples!  The package of your choice includes two skins (with and without teeth), cleavage tattoo, brow shaper, and also a thick eyebrow tattoo for only L$280!  There are also Lola and SLink hand and feet appliers for sale at very reasonable prices!

Leda Tan with Teeth
Hair:  Tameless Hair -- Moira (Discounted! Only L$99 for mega pack!)
Pose:  Eternal Dream Poses @ Designer Circle -- Altair 5

Leda Skin with Dimples
Hair:  Tameless Hair -- Moira (Discounted!  Only L$99 for mega pack!)
Pose:  Eternal Dream Poses @ Designer Circle -- Altair 5

While you are at The Makeover Room, be sure to check out the other wonderful creations!  Also, while you are on the Flawless Sim, be sure to pick up the Firework outfit from Entice and check out the businesses set up for the Flawless Block Party!

You'll also want to take time to visit Eternal Dream Poses at Designer Circle to pick up the amazing Altair poses!  Also, don't forget to check out Anna Shapes on Marketplace, and stop by Tameless Hair to pick up the delightful Moira hair.  It is only L$99 for the mega pack!  You'll find Moira, and other styles, in the discounted section!

Happy Shopping!

Top Photo Credits:
Skin:  Elysium @ The Makeover Room --  Adriana II Creme
Shape:  Elysium @ The Makeover Room --  Adriana II
Dress:  Entice -- Firework (tights not shown)
Shape:  Anna Shapes -- Noelle (shape shown in close-up photos)
Lashes:  Tameless Hair -- Lashes 30
Hair:  Tameless Hair -- Moira (Discounted!  Only L$99 for mega pack)
Poses:  Eternal Dream Poses @ Designer Circle -- Altair 5 and 7

Bottom Photo Credits:
Skin:  ND/MD @ The Makeover Room -- Leda Tan (shown with & without dimples)
Lashes:  Tameless Hair -- Lashes 30
Hair:  Tameless Hair -- Moira (Discounted!  Only L$99 for mega pack)
Shape:  Anna Shapes -- Noelle
Pose:  Eternal Dream Poses @ Designer Circle -- Altair 5

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Makeover Room

Have you heard about The Makeover Room?  If not, come a little closer because I'm about to help you complete your Christmas wish list!  The Makeover Room is a monthly event offering exclusive skins and cosmetics from some of the top creators in SL!  The event runs from the 1st of each month to the 26th!  Though you have plenty of time to visit during the first round, why delay? 

The first skin I want show you for this post is the irresistible Kendal skin from Style by Kira at The Makeover Room!  The skin is available in three tones, and your purchase includes a the Kendal skin, a no brow version, cleavage option, and modifiable shape for only L$200!  

Skin:  Style by Kira - Kendal for The Makeup Room (01c)
Hair:  Tameless Hair - Reissa   (L$49 mega pack @ Main Store)
Lashes:  Tameless Hair - Lashes 36

The next skin is the elegant Destiny creation from LoveMe Skins at The Makeover Room!  The Destiny skin is an exclusive for the event, and is available in four tones.  Included in the skin package are 9 lipsticks, 2 brow options, a cleavage enhancement tattoo, beauty mark, and a modifiable shape!  The entire package is only L$299!  

Skin:  Style by Kira - Destiny for The Makeup Room (Milky - Dark Brow - Lipstick 1)
Hair:  Tameless Hair - Reissa   (L$49 mega pack @ Main Store)
Lashes:  Tameless Hair - Lashes 36

The last skin I want to show you for this post is the exquisite Ginevra skin from WoW Skins at The Makeover Room!  Ginevra is available in four tones, and is only L$299 for the exclusive skin!  Included in the package is a brow option, and two cleavage options (with and without). 

Skin:  WoW Skins -  Ginevra for The Makeup Room  (Milk)
Hair:  Tameless Hair - Reissa  (L$49 mega pack @ Main Store)
Lashes:  Tameless Hair - Lashes 30

Information for purchasing appliers for the skins shown above are included in the package you purchase.    

While you are at The Makeover Room, be sure to tap the subscriber to stay informed!  Also, while you are visiting the Flawless sim, be sure to check out the amazing stores, and the wonderful items at Designer Showcase!

Happy Shopping!!

Skin:  Style by Kira @ The Makeover Room -- Kendal (01c)
Skin:  WoW Skins @ The Makeover Room --  Ginevra (Milk)
Skin:  LoveMe Skins @ The Makeover Room -- Destiny (Milky - dark brow, lipstick 1)
Lahses:  Tameless Hair -- Lashes 30 and 36
Hair:  Tameless Hair -- Reissa (mega pack)
Shape:  Anna Shapes  --  Lauren (Designer Circle release for 93rd Round)
Pose:  KaTink -- Demi 4

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Anniversary to Glitterati by Sapphire!

Glitterati by Sapphire is celebrating 6 years in Second Life!  Of course, a celebration isn't complete without a group gift to loyal patrons of the store!

When I first put on the exquisite creation by Sapphire Teebrook, the owner of Glitterati by Sapphire, I was absolutely enchanted!  It is a breathtaking gift to the group members!

Gown & Jewelry:  Glitterati by Sapphire
Skin:  Style by Kira
Shape:  Anna Shapes
Pose:  KaTink
The delightful gift is named Ariel - The Little Mermaid!  Many of us can relate to Ariel and being transformed by a new world.  I feel Sapphire Teebrook explains the gift title the best when she said to her supporters that she transformed "from a boring accountant in one life to a passionate designer in other."  

Gown & Jewelry:  Glitterati by Sapphire
Skin:  Style by Kira
Shape:  Anna Shapes
Pose:  KaTink
When you stop by Glitterati by Sapphire for your group gift, be sure to send a note of support and congratulations to Sapphire Teebrook!  As a further gift, if you are not a member of the group, you can join free until November 30th!

Happy Shopping!

Gown & Jewelry:  Glitterati by Sapphire -- Ariel - The Little Mermaid (group gift)
Shape:  Anna Shapes @ Designer Circle -- Lauren
Skin:  Style by Kira -- Tibby Skin (Gatcha 8) (Available on Nov. 26th)
Lashes:  Tameless -- Lashes 36
Hair:  Elikatira -- Cassidy
Poses:  KaTink -- Stephanie Editorial

Location:  Arbor Ridge

Monday, November 24, 2014

Celebrate your Monday with Paris Metro Couture, Beloved Body Wrap, and KaTink!

I feel sorry for Monday.  No one really looks forward to Monday.  So, I'm giving you a reason to celebrate Monday by giving you a peek at recent releases from Paris METRO CoutureBELOVED Body Wrap, and KaTink!

Paris METRO Couture's recent release is a stunning formal named Celebrate.  The gorgeous creation is composed of mesh and delicately flowing material at the bottom to add grace and elegance as you move.  This is a dream of creation which you will cherish!

If you are a fan of photography, you will want to stop by KaTink to take a look at the Ophelie Editorial Set of poses.  Shown in the above photo is one of the five poses from the set.  This set is a wonderful addition to your pose collection should you take photos for personal pleasure or for business.  While you are there, be sure to check out the other new releases, props, and beautiful backgrounds.

Last, but not least, is the beautiful skin release from BELOVED Body Wrap. The gorgeous Martha skin is one of the newest releases, and is available in five tones.   Also, please be sure to set a landmark as the business is new, and will be adding new items to check out!

As always, when you stop by the locations, be sure to join the groups to stay informed on releases, events, and group gifts!  

Happy Shopping!!

Gown:  Paris METRO Couture -- Celebration 
Skin:  BELOVED Body Wrap -- Martha (pale with dark brow)
Pose:  KaTink -- Ophelie Editorial Set (#5) 
Hair:  D!va --  Naomi  (black amber)
Shape:  Anna Shapes @ Designer Circle -- Sharon (past release for Designer Circle)
Lashes:  Tameless -- Lashes 36
Jewelry:  Beloved Jewelry -- Christina set (color change)

Location: The Curious Prim 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sing a Little Song

When I saw the uniquely elegant creation Leap from Lyrical B!zarre Templates, it brought music to my heart!  So, I thought it appropriate to have a musical them to the photos!

Leap, a full permissions creation, is available from November 20th to December 17th at The Couturier's Docks event.  The event features exclusive releases from some of SL's top designers in limited quantities for 50% off!  You don't want to delay, there are only 46 of the 50 copies of Leap available!

You will also want to rush to pick up the breathtaking Tibby skin for only L$99 from Style by Kira at the Designer Showcase event!  The current round of the event ends on November 26th, so don't delay in picking up your copy of Tibby!

The beautiful Classic Pearl jewelry set shown in the photo is a free gift from Lazuri!  The set is color change through a touch menu, and can be found on the second floor!

Also shown in the photos is Judette, an exquisite new release from Tameless Hair!  I chose one of the versions from the Fades package to show you.  The other packages available are Naturals and Fantasy.  Each package is only L$249; however, I highly suggest picking up the Mega package, which includes all three packages, for only L$499!

Lastly, I want to remind you the lovely Sharon shape from Anna Shapes at Designer Circle is only available a few more days!  The current round ends on November 22nd!

Happy Shopping!

Dress:  Lyrical B!zarre Templates @ The Couturier's Docks -- Leap
Skin:  Style by Kira @ Designer Showcase -- Tibby Skin (02 c)
Hair:  Tameless Hair -- Judette
Shape:  Anna Shapes @ Designer Circle -- Sharon
Lashes:  Tameless Hair -- Lashes 36
Jewelry:  Lazuri -- Classic Pearl (free)
Nails:  ::BnB:: Nailz on Marketplace -- Amour Red (L$1 on MP)
Pose & Prop @ Location:  .mien. Poses -- Vocals

Location:  Club Noir

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dealing with Stolen Content - Admiration for Creators

Dear Readers,

Hello!!  I am thrilled to be back in SL and to blogging!  I have missed you all so very much!  It has been wonderful hearing about the adventures you have had during my absence, and I look forward to getting back in touch with everyone!

In this post, I wish to give a round of applause to creators and designers in SL.  I have so much admiration for those who provide the items for our virtual lives!  They spend countless hours during the process of creating and designing an item; furthermore, they also spend large amounts of money on programs, tools, education, and uploading fees!

Sadly, for their pain, some creators are robbed of their creations.  I cannot imagine the heartbreak and frustration of having a creation stolen and resold under another brand.  Nor can I imagine the effort which goes into proving the stolen work was your own.

I bring this situation to light as I recently learned of Kiddo Oh's battle with a design being stolen and resold by another resident in SL.  I strongly encourage you to read her story on the Dead Dollz blog.

Gown from Dead Dollz (L$1 at main store)
Pose from Eternal Dreams Poses
Hair from Tameless Hair
Shown in the above photo is a black version of Kiddo Oh's creation named Cosette.  As stated on the Dead Dollz blog, Kiddo Oh is placing this version of her creation for sale for L$1 at the Dead Dollz main store as an effort to disrupt sales of the stolen item during the process of the DCMA filing.

After reading Kiddo Oh's story, you may be wondering what to do if you see something which may be stolen content.  Well, my suggestion is to contact the original creator with the business name, location link of the item (marketplace or SLurl), and brief description of the content in question.  Do not take for granted the original creator knows about the suspected theft.  After making contact, it is then up to the original creator to take action to protect their intellectual property.

Jewelry from Stars!
Skin from Dulce Secrets
Shape from Anna Shapes
Before closing this post, I wish to bring attention to the stunning Lizzie jewelry set from Stars!, the gorgeous Sharon shape from Anna Shapes at Designer Circle, and the lovely Makhilla skin from Dulce Secrets at bodyFanatik shown in the photo above. The Sharon shape will be available until November 22nd for only L$80, and the Makhilla skin will be available until November 25th for only L$350 per pack!  There four beautiful skin tones available, and seven skins in each pack!   After the event, the Makhilla skins will be sold individually.

Happy Shopping!

Gown:  Dead Dollz -- Cosette  (L$1 at main store)
Jewelry:  Stars! -- Lizzie (black)
Shape:  Anna Shapes @ Designer Circle -- Sharon
Skin:  Dulce Secrets @ bodyFanatik -- Makhilla (raw sugar -- red rose)
Hair:  Tameless Hair -- Donna (naturals - charcoal)
Lashes:  Tameless Hair -- Lashes 36
Pose:  Eternal Dream Poses -- Beat 02 (pose 8)

Photo Location:  The Looking Glass