Thursday, January 1, 2015

Start 2015 at Flawless -- Event Ending Tomorrow!

Happy New Year!!   I'm so excited to finally be back online after some irritating technical issues!  I hope all taken care of now, and that I won't miss any more time with you!

If you have not visited the Flawless Gingerbread Block Party, I suggest you grab the taxi and get there quickly as the event ends tomorrow!   After you arrive, you will be immersed in a fantastically fun shopping experience!  Of course, all events at Flawless are wonderful and fun!  Where else can you find wonderful releases inside gingerbread houses?  Plus, where else is there a hunt with items hidden inside adorable cups of hot cocoa?

Each creator at the Flawless Gingerbread Block Party has set out at least one exclusive item for L$50, and a hunt item priced between L$0 and L$10!  The hunt item for each location is hidden somewhere in, on, or around the gingerbread house.  Shown below are some of the wonderful items and hunt prizes you will find while roaming about the event!

Outfit only L$80 from Pixelworx at Flawless Event
Includes mesh sweater and black skinny pants

L$1 Hunt Prize from Lindy Modern and Retro Shoes at Flawless Event

Exclusive Jewelry Set only L$50 from Beloved at Flawless Event
Sonata Jewelry Set is Texture Change ( 12 Metals and 12 Gemstones)

L'Anguisette Skin at Flawless Event -- Autumn (bare)
Exclusives only L$50 at Flawless Event
 Exclusive Skin:  Style by Kira at Flawless Event -- Jenna 1B
Exclusive Jewelry:  Luminesse at Flawless Event -- Davora Set (Aspire Gold)
Jewelry Set only L$50 from  Luminesse at Flawless Event
Ausra Choker Set (Purple Onyx & Pyrite)
Exclusive Skin:  Style by Kira at Flawless Event -- Jenna 1B 

While you are at the Gingerbread Block Party, be sure to stop by The Makeover Room and Designer Showcase to check out the amazing deals from more fabulous creators!  

Remember, as with all good things, the Flawless Gingerbread Block Party will come to an end tomorrow, January 2nd!  So, don't delay your visit!!  

Happy Shopping!

Outfit:  Pixelworx @ Flawless Event -- Let It Snow
Shoes:  Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes @ Flawless Event -- Jodie Red Suede
Skin:  L'Anguisette Skin  @ Flawless Event -- Autumn (Bare)
Skin:  Style by Kira @ Flawless Event -- Jenna 1B
Jewelry:  Luminesse @ Flawless Event -- Davora Set and Ausra Choker Set
Jewelry:  Beloved @ Flawless Event -- Sonata Jewelry Set
Shape: Anna Shapes -- Snow
Lashes:  Tameless -- Lashes 36
Hair:  Tameless -- Bunny and Eudora
Poses:  Eternal Dream Poses -- Altair 1, 2, 3, 9 
Background:  KaTink -- Winter Magic 6 (from Pack 1)

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