Friday, February 15, 2013

Ending Today -- Cold Winter Nights Hunt

The Cold Winter Nights Hunt ends today!  If you have not grabbed up the prizes, you'll want to hurry!  Of course, I have a few more prizes to show you which you don't want to miss nabbing!

You'll want to make a bit more room in your closet for the adorable pompom sweater from PurpleMoon and the beautifully artistic mesh hoodie from Iron Claw !  Both prizes are superbly created, and gorgeously detailed!

Prize from Iron Claw

The last prizes I have to show you are from Cleo Design and Wayward Muse!  Cleo Design's prize includes the color change sofa with a variety of animations, newspaper rack, table with candles and fruit bowl, rug, wall mirror, and the mask pictures!  The absolutely enchanting prize from Wayward Muse is the set of frosted mirrors!  Believe me, you will kick yourself if you miss out on these prizes!

Prizes from Cleo Designs and Wayward Muse
As mentioned, the hunt ends today; therefore, you'll want to rush to nab all the prizes you have missed.  You can check out the other prizes by visiting the Cold Winter Night Hunt page!

Happy Hunting!

Cold Winter Nights Hunt Prize:  Iron Claw -- Cold Winter Mesh Hoodie
Cold Winter Nights Hunt Prize:  PurpleMoon -- PomPom Sweater
Cold Winter Nights Hunt Prize:  Cleo Design -- Furniture Set 
Cold Winter Nights Hunt Prize:  Wayward Muse -- Frosted Mirrors
Cold Winter Nights Hunt Prize:  Ocean Body Design --  Milla Has A Cold Skin
Jeans:  Razorblade Jacket -- Fuel Low rise w/ belt
Hair:  [e] -- Again
Shape:  Style by Kira -- Honey
Nails:  AlterEgo -- Juicy Nails
Boots:  Vero Modero -- Country boots (November gift)
Pose:  KaTink -- Demi

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