Friday, January 18, 2013

Vero Modero -- More to Love

I'm always excited to visit Vero Modero!  It's one of those places that inspires you to reinvent yourself with every trip!  There is always something to add new life to an outfit you already cherish.  

My most current trip to Vero Modero introduced me to one of the newest releases.  The La Panca set includes the mesh top, lace bikini top, and pants.  I must say, this outfit was a lot of fun to style!  I look forward to seeing what others choose to wear with this fantastic outfit!  

If you love La Panca, you will adore the hunt prize from Vero Modero for the Winter Blues Hunt!  I think you will agree that the prize makes the chill of winter a lot easier to tolerate!  There are also a few other hunts going on, so keep your eyes open for those prizes as well!

While you are at Vero Modero, be sure to join the group to stay updated on new releases, events, hunts, and the fantastic group gifts!

After you visit Vero Modero, be sure to stop into  Dulce Secrets and Anna Shapes for the stunning skin and lovely shape shown in the photos!  Of course, you'll also want to check out Loq and Tameless Hair for the captivating hair styles!

Happy Shopping and Happy Hunting!

Top Photo Credits:
Outfit:  Vero Modero -- La Panca
Hair:  Loq -- Margarita (chocolate copper)
Necklace:  J&W Jewelers -- Brooks Collection
Nails: Mandala -- Milky Way Ring and Nails (gaga black)
Shoes:  Redgrave -- Nikki
Skin:  Dulce Secrets -- Glo.Sherry (bare)
Shape:  Anna Shapes -- Sunshine (model)
Prop: oOo Studio -- Stacked

Bottom Photo Credits:
Outfit:  Vero Modero -- Winter Blues Hunt Prize
Hair:  Tameless Hair -- Wynona 
Nails:  Finesmith -- Solid White
Shoes:  Redgrave -- Nikki
Skin:  Dulce Secrets -- Glo.Sherry (bare)
Shape:  Anna Shapes -- Sunshine (model)
Prop: oOo Studio -- Stacked

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