Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Romantically KaTink

While writing the previous blog post, I received an early Valentine's Day card from a friend.  So, as I was all dressed up, I decided to create a Valentine's Day photo using the look created!

If you are creating a photo, or card, for Valentine's Day, you must have a lovely scene.  There are many wonderful locations for a photo in SL; however, KaTink has made photography a breeze with a variety of enchanting props and gorgeous backgrounds of locations all over SL!

To help you get started with your project, I've chosen to show you an elegant mini-ballroom prop that is perfect for your Valentine's Day photo!  Not only is the mini-ballroom lovely and beautifully created, there are also fine, sparkling particles that swirl around the creation.  If you want an elegantly romantic photo, this is the prop for you!  You can rezz a copy of the prop when you visit KaTink to take a closer look!

If you notice, in the photo, there is a winter scene through the windows.  I chose one of the stunning winter backgrounds from KaTink to make the view a bit more seasonal, and also more attractive than the view from my platform.   

While you are exploring KaTink  be sure to join the group to stay updated on new releases, hunts, group gifts, and discounts!

Happy Shopping!

Prop:  KaTink -- Mini-Ballroom
Background:  KaTink -- Winter Landscape 4
Pose:  KaTink -- Catherine (#6)
Gown:  Paris Metro Couture -- Night Love (Hunt prize)
Jewelry:  Cae -- Flourish
Hair:  Tameless Hair -- Sophia
Skin:  Style by Kira -- Elena
Shape:  Style by Kira -- Elena (1c option2)

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