Sunday, May 27, 2012

Gorgeous Releases from Punky Chicks & Apparence Skins

As a kid, I always liked glitter.  Okay, I loved glitter!  It shimmered under the most minute amount of light and I thought it was the most beautiful object in the world.  Well, I'm older and I still like things that glitter.  I like shimmery, shiny, sparkling things that glisten in the sunlight or the moonlight. 

Knowing that I like glittery items, it will come as no surprise that I now have two more creations from Punky Chicks in my closet.   The two glitter dresses make me relive my childhood memories of glitter.  I love the luster and shine of the material of both dress styles!  I also love that each dress comes with matching mesh open-toed pumps for only L$270!  The two stunning styles are both available in brilliant shades of royal, gold, rubin,and smaragd! 

Another outfit from Punky Chicks which will interest those who are fans of glittery clothing is the Sequin Hot Pant and Top. The amount of shimmer is perfect for this creation. I adore the sexy top and shorts!   The frayed edges of the shorts, and the hip and back pockets are spectacularly done! This outfit will be released soon in the colors of bubblegum, copper, and gold!

Also shown in the photos is the simply gorgeous skin from Apparence Skins & Shapes!  The makeup, shading, definition, and tone of Elisa is of rare quality.  Not only do I give a round of applause for the skin, I applaud the inclusion of the very helpful notecard on the windlight settings which are best for the skin.  You will want to visit the store to view the other variations of Elisa, and be sure to take a peek in the sale room!

While you are visiting  Punky Chicks and Apparence Skins & Shapes, be sure to join the groups to hear about new releases and to receive amazing group gifts!

Top Photo Credits:
Outfit:  Punky Chicks -- Glitter Dresses
Skin:  Apparence Skins & Shapes -- Elisa (T5 E6)
Shape:  Noya -- Susie
Hair: D!va -- Maya (citrine)
Pose:  Glitterati -- Footwear 6
Location:  Kazza

Bottom Photo Credits:
Outfit:  Punky Chicks -- Sequin Hot Pants and Top
Skin:  Apparence Skins & Shapes -- Elisa (T5 E6)
Shape:   Noya -- Susie
Hair: D!va -- Maya (citrine)
Pose:  [Shelle] -- Jump 1
Background:  PNP -- Love Spots 12

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