Friday, January 9, 2015

Walking the Red Carpet

You will look and feel like a celebrity with the items I have to show you today from Dulce Secrets at The Makeover RoomTamelessStars!, PATHOSKaTink, and DRBC!

First, I want to show you the stunning Derian skin from Dulce Secrets at The Makeover Room.  The Derian skin is beautifully created, and is available in four skin tone packages which include two cleavage options for only L$99!   I absolutely adore the exquisite detail, and the classic elegance of the skin!  I'm certain you will also!

The expertly created jewelry shown in the photos is from Stars!  Each piece is sold separately, and is available in gold or silver settings.  Plus, you have the option to purchase the choker as a single or a double choker!  Of course, if you are a fan of other gems, the same style is available in ruby, sapphire, and emerald!

Also shown in the photos are the lovely French Nails from PATHOS!  There are nine beautiful color options to the HUD for SLink hands, and the set is only L$25!  For that price, you can afford to treat yourself to several sets of nails, and even some shoes!

Another few items I want to tell you about are the lush lashes, and the glamorous hairstyle from Tameless!  The versatile Lanore hairstyle would be perfect for any occasion, and would also be wonderful if you have hair accessories like combs or tiaras!  Lanore is available in natural, fade, and fantasy packs for only L$249 per pack, or you can pick up the mega pack for only L$499!  If you wish to have more lash options to draw attention to your irresistible eyes, there are over 40 to choose from at Tameless and are only L$99 each!   There are even several fantasy lashes available for those who enjoy role play!

The next item I want to show you is the wonderful Red Carpet prop from KaTink!  I had so much fun taking photos with this prop!  If you are wanting to take a group photo with your friends, this prop would be perfect!  With the Red Carpet prop, you could all be celebrities arriving at an event, or your friends could be the paparazzi waiting to catch the perfect photo of you!  Only your imagination limits the uses of this fantastic prop!

Last, I want to tell you about the alluring Elvira gown from DRBC which you have seen in the above photos.  The gown is captivating and absolutely gorgeous!  Believe me, you are sure to turn heads as you are entering, or leaving, the room.  As you can see in the photos above, the gown is as stunning in the front as it is in the back!  Plus, for only L$299 you are able to choose from eight different textures to suit your mood and occasion!  That is a terrific price for such a wonderful creation!

Vendor Photo

While you are at the locations, be sure to join the groups to stay informed on new releases, events, and group gifts!

Happy Shopping!!

Skin:  Dulce Secrets @ The Makeover Room -- Derian (Honey)
Gown:  DRBC -- Elvira Gown
Jewelry:  Stars! -- Diamond Choker, Diamond Stud Earrings, and Diamond Bracelet (gold)
Nails:  PATHOS -- French Nails
Hair:  Tameless -- Lanore (naturals)
Lashes:  Tameless -- Lashes 40
Shape:  Anna Shapes -- Claudia
Prop:  KaTink -- Red Carpet
Pose:  KaTink -- Christina 2
Jewelry & Nail Pose:  Eternal Dream Poses -- Look @ My Hands

Hands:  SLink -- Elegant

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Analog Flashback

I confess, I remember when Atari was new and Pac Man was the most popular game to play!  Saying that, I flashed back to fond memories of playing video games at the arcade in the mall when I saw the fabulously fun 8 Bit Bow from no. 7 at Level Up!  There are nine fun colors available!  When you make your purchase, you'll be thrilled to find that you receive a hair bow and a bow tie for only L$50!  If you have not visited the Level Up event, please hurry.  I visited today and items are still out; however, I believe it is technically over.  

Pose:  Eternal Dream Poses @ Designer Circle -- Neige

Speaking of video games, when I played Mrs. Pac Man, I loved when Pac Man and Mrs. Pac Man meet for a smooch.  When they kissed, a little heart appeared.  That is what I thought of when I saw Pixel Love from AlterEgo!  I simply adore this creation not only for taking me back to my childhood, but also because it is expertly textured and fun in it's styling!

The Pixel Love sweater is available in black, white, baby blue, and pink for only L$125 each.  However, you can save some lindens and purchase the fat pack for only L$420!

Pose:  Eternal Dream Poses @ Designer Circle -- Neige

After picking up the adorable sweater, I took a look around AlterEgo and found the set of fantastic SLink nails!  There are eight color choices on the HUD for only L$50!  Of course, it was hard to choose from the available packs, so be looking for more posts including the other packs!

During my exploration of the store, I found the fetching Legacy Denims, and the delightful Queeny sneakers!  When you go to the footwear department, make sure to check out the roller skates, I almost wore them for this post!

Pose:  Eternal Dream Poses @ Designer Circle -- Neige

Shown below are the color options for the SLink nails I have shown in this post, and a full view of the Queeny sneakers.

Also shown in the photos above is the stunning Rory skin from WoW Skins!  It is the January group gift, and is well worth the joining fee if you are not already a member!  Plus, there is also a sale going on until January 9th!  You can save up to 40% off all items in the store!

Before leaving you to do your shopping, I want to remind you to join the groups for WoW Skins and AlterEgo! There is a group fee for each group; however, the fee is well worth it for the group gifts and other benefits offered from each location!  Believe me, you will be showered in love from both designers as group members!

Happy Shopping!

Sweater:  AlterEgo -- Pixel Love
Jeans:  AlterEgo -- Legacy Denim (medium wash)
Shoes:  AlterEgo -- Queeny Sneaks
Hair Bow: no. 7 @ Level Up -- 8 bit bow
Skin:  WoW Skins -- Rory (Jan. group gift)
Teeth:  WoW Skins -- Laura Teeth (from Stella complete avatar)
Shape:  Anna Shapes -- Claudia
Hair:  Analog Dog -- Bea (mushroom)
Lashes:  Tameless -- Lashes 40
Nails:  AlterEgo -- Pack 4
Pose:  Eternal Dream Poses @ Designer Circle -- Neige 6 & 10

Hands:  SLink -- Elegant

Monday, January 5, 2015

Styling Confession

I confess, normally my styling starts with an outfit and then I find the shoes, jewelry, skin, hair, and so on.  Well, today, it was different.  Today, my styling started with the skin and hair.

To begin my styling story, in my last two posts, I have shared photos of skins available at The Makeover Room.  Well, prior to logging out yesterday, I had put on the lovely Mayka skin from ND/MD at The Makeover Room.  When I first viewed the skin, I was impressed with the exquisite detail, lovely cosmetics, and the captivating lashes!  I was also impressed that there were three tones available and each tone package included the skin, three brow options, cleavage tattoo, and Lola appliers for only L$280!

When I logged in today, I chose to use the Claudia Shape from Anna Shapes, and then began looking for a hair style to wear.   I had tried a few styles when I found the Tangled style from  Analog Dog.  I really liked they way the three creations complimented each other!  The hair framed the face to enhance the enchanting beauty of the facial shape and skin, the skin looked beautiful with the shape, and the brows of the skin went very well with the color of the hair.

The next item I added was the darling Sugar outfit from Tameless.  Sugar is one of the newest releases and is available in black and floral!  I adore the fun and flirty style of the creation!  I'm sure you will adore that the outfit includes the adorable top, Capri jean, heels for SLink High Feet, necklace, and bracelet for only L$249!  When you open your purchase, it will feel like Christmas all over again!

The last items I added to my look were the exquisite Cris nails for SLink hands from PATHOS, and the darling clutch from Glow Designs!

As you may remember from a previous post, I just started wearing the SLink hands and feet.  I have to say, the HUDs from PATHOS are extremely affordable and beautifully created!  The Cris HUD includes 11 color choices for only L$25!  Yes, I said L$25!

The clutch, titled Book Bag, from Glow Designs is available in nine beautiful colors!  I chose to use the swan shade, but I had a hard time choosing.  I must mention, though not shown in this post, you will want to pick up the Paris jewelry set while you are there!  The set goes perfectly with the clutch!

While you are at the mentioned locations, please be sure to join the groups to stay informed on new releases, events, and group gifts!

Happy Shopping!

Skin: ND/MD at The Makeover Room -- Mayka (gyaru-glam) (3 tones available)
Shape:  Anna Shapes on Marketplace -- Claudia
Hair:  Analog Dog -- Tangled (milk chocolate)
Outfit:  Tameless -- Sugar Outfit (includes top, Capri jeans, shoes, necklace, and bracelet)
Jewelry:  Tameless -- part of Sugar Outfit
Nails:  PATHOS -- Cris (for SLink hands)
Clutch:  Glow Designs -- Book Bag (swan)
Poses:  Eternal Dream Poses -- Vain 6, 7, and 10

Hands:  SLink -- Elegant
Feet:  SLink -- High

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Charming and Koi

Wondering about the title of this post?  Well, look closely at stunning gown from Paris METRO Couture!  First, take notice the fetching detailing of the mesh jacket, and the bodice of the gown.  Now, look lower at the  gorgeous color at the base of the gown!  Lovely, isn't it?  You'll think it even more so as you glide into the room with the koi swirling around you with your every movement!

Pose:  KaTink -- Christina
New Release

I chose to pair the artistic gown with the captivating beauty of the Vivica skin and shape from Style by Kira at The Makeover Room.  The skin has a light dusting of freckles to add extra charm to the gorgeous creation, and the shape is absolutely enchanting!  Of course, you will be further charmed by Vivica as you will receive the skin with and without brows and the shape for only L$250 during the current round of the event!

While you are shopping, be sure to visit KaTink to pick up the new Christina set of poses!  Christina is one of the newest releases, and there are five fabulous poses in the set!  I am certain you'll adore the poses for your personal or professional collection!

Happy Shopping!!

Gown:  Paris METRO Couture  -- Koi
Skin:  Style by Kira @ The Makeover Room -- Vivica 01C
Shape:  Style by Kira @ The Makeover Room -- Vivica
Pose:  KaTink -- Christina 2
Lashes:  Tameless -- Lashes 40
Hair:  [elikatira] -- Jennie  (from Essential pack...18 options for L$99)
Hands:  SLink -- Elegant

Location:  FTL Mainstore

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Lovely Goodies

Is there anyone who doesn't adore a fabulous deal?  Well, I have some special deals to show you today from LoveMe Skins at The Makeover Room and  Entice at Designer Showcase.  I also have some fantastic items from Eternal Dream Poses and -{ZOZ}-!

The first item I want to show you is the elegant Audrey skin from LoveMe Skins at The Makeover Room!  You will find four beautiful skin tone packages available.  Each package includes 6 lipsticks, three eyebrow tattoo layers, cleavage tattoo, beauty mark, and a modifiable shape!  That is an incredible deal for only L$299!

LoveMe Skins -- Audrey (Milk) (Lipstick 3)
Exclusive for The Makeover Room
Pose:  Eternal Dream Poses -- Trudi
 While you are at Flawless, you will want to visit Entice at Designer Showcase to pick up the fetching Crimson Tide Dress!  The dress is available in red, violet, gold, blue, and purple for only L$85 each!  For that price you will want to buy all five!

Entice @ Designer Showcase
Crimson Tide Dress shown in Red (L$85)
Pose:  Eternal Dream Poses -- Trudi
You will also find the matching shoes for SLink High Feet for only L$99! For such stunning quality, that is a steal!

Entice @ Designer Showcase
Crimson Tide Heels for SLink High Feet (L$99)

The last two photos show off the stunning set of Gold Dip nails from -{ZOZ}-!  The nail HUD for SLink hands includes 12 easy to apply brilliant colors!  As this was the first time I have tried my SLink hands, I was thrilled at just how easy the appliers were to use.  So, if you are procrastinating purchasing SLink hands or feet because you fear they may be can stop worrying!  Believe me, the nail appliers from -{ZOZ}- made it a snap to apply to hands and feet!

Nails:  -{ZOZ]- -- Gold Dipped
Pose:  Eternal Dream Poses -- Look @ My Hands
Nails:  -{ZOZ]- -- Gold Dipped
Pose:  Eternal Dream Poses -- Look @ My Hands

Also shown in the above photos are poses from Eternal Dream Poses!  I chose to show you a few of the lovely poses from the Look @ My Hands packs and also a few from the charming Trudi packs.  If you love taking photos for personal or professional use, be sure to stop by Eternal Dream Poses!

While you are at the locations, please be sure to join the groups to stay informed on events, new releases, and group gifts!

Happy Shopping!!

Skin:  LoveMe Skins @ The Makeover Room -- Audrey
Dress:  Entice @ Designer Showcase  --  Crimson Tide (red)
Shoes:  Entice @ Designer Showcase -- Crimson Tide Heels
Nails:  -{ZOZ}-  -- Gold Dip Polish
Poses:  Eternal Dream Poses -- Trudi 5 and 10
Nail Poses:  Eternal Dream Poses -- Look @ My Hands 1 and 5
Shape:  Anna Shapes on Marketplace -- Angel
Hair:  !Soul on Marketplace -- Pansy
Lashes:  Tameless -- Lashes 40

Hands:  SLink -- Elegant
Feet:  SLink -- High

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Start 2015 at Flawless -- Event Ending Tomorrow!

Happy New Year!!   I'm so excited to finally be back online after some irritating technical issues!  I hope all taken care of now, and that I won't miss any more time with you!

If you have not visited the Flawless Gingerbread Block Party, I suggest you grab the taxi and get there quickly as the event ends tomorrow!   After you arrive, you will be immersed in a fantastically fun shopping experience!  Of course, all events at Flawless are wonderful and fun!  Where else can you find wonderful releases inside gingerbread houses?  Plus, where else is there a hunt with items hidden inside adorable cups of hot cocoa?

Each creator at the Flawless Gingerbread Block Party has set out at least one exclusive item for L$50, and a hunt item priced between L$0 and L$10!  The hunt item for each location is hidden somewhere in, on, or around the gingerbread house.  Shown below are some of the wonderful items and hunt prizes you will find while roaming about the event!

Outfit only L$80 from Pixelworx at Flawless Event
Includes mesh sweater and black skinny pants

L$1 Hunt Prize from Lindy Modern and Retro Shoes at Flawless Event

Exclusive Jewelry Set only L$50 from Beloved at Flawless Event
Sonata Jewelry Set is Texture Change ( 12 Metals and 12 Gemstones)

L'Anguisette Skin at Flawless Event -- Autumn (bare)
Exclusives only L$50 at Flawless Event
 Exclusive Skin:  Style by Kira at Flawless Event -- Jenna 1B
Exclusive Jewelry:  Luminesse at Flawless Event -- Davora Set (Aspire Gold)
Jewelry Set only L$50 from  Luminesse at Flawless Event
Ausra Choker Set (Purple Onyx & Pyrite)
Exclusive Skin:  Style by Kira at Flawless Event -- Jenna 1B 

While you are at the Gingerbread Block Party, be sure to stop by The Makeover Room and Designer Showcase to check out the amazing deals from more fabulous creators!  

Remember, as with all good things, the Flawless Gingerbread Block Party will come to an end tomorrow, January 2nd!  So, don't delay your visit!!  

Happy Shopping!

Outfit:  Pixelworx @ Flawless Event -- Let It Snow
Shoes:  Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes @ Flawless Event -- Jodie Red Suede
Skin:  L'Anguisette Skin  @ Flawless Event -- Autumn (Bare)
Skin:  Style by Kira @ Flawless Event -- Jenna 1B
Jewelry:  Luminesse @ Flawless Event -- Davora Set and Ausra Choker Set
Jewelry:  Beloved @ Flawless Event -- Sonata Jewelry Set
Shape: Anna Shapes -- Snow
Lashes:  Tameless -- Lashes 36
Hair:  Tameless -- Bunny and Eudora
Poses:  Eternal Dream Poses -- Altair 1, 2, 3, 9 
Background:  KaTink -- Winter Magic 6 (from Pack 1)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Nice and Slightly Naughty

Each of us have a nice and a slightly naughty side, right?  Well, I have a look today that is nice and slightly naughty!

First, let me show you the something for your nice side!  The photo below shows the Candi skin from The Skin You're In at Toys for Tots event.   The Candi skin is only L$200, and 100% of the sale goes towards the Toys for Tots charity!  For your donation, you will receive the skin, teeth tattoo, freckle tattoo, dimple tattoo, brow layers, and also a shape!  If you want to donate more, there is a donation wagon nearby.

To get to the Toys for Tots event, click on the teleporter at the landing area and choose Santa from the menu.  When you arrive, go down the stairs and you will see the items for the event along the wall.  Be sure to tell your friends as this is a fabulous cause!
Skin & Teeth Tatoo:  TSYI -- Candi for Toys for Tots event.   
Hair:  Tameless -- Raina (Fades)
Shape:  Anna Shapes -- Noelle
Earrings:  Stars!  -- Triangle Lace
Also for your nice side is the fabulous Raina hairstyle from Tameless!  Raina is a new release, and would make a wonderful gift to yourself and a friend!  You can choose from naturals, fantasy, and fades color packages for only L$249 each, or you can purchase the mega pack for only L$499!

While you are at Tameless, you can pick up the irresistible Forbidden outfit for your slightly naughty side!  The outfit includes the mesh crop sweater, jeans, legwarmer boots, thigh holster with pistol, and several appliers for the pants!  The set is available in black, red, and olive for only L$249!
Outfit:  Tameless -- Forbidden (Tank NOT included)
Skin:  TSYI -- Candi for Toys for Tots event.  
Hair:  Tameless -- Raina (Fades)
Shape:  Anna Shapes -- Noelle
Earrings:  Stars! -- Triangle Lace
Pose:  Eternal Dreams -- Altair 9 (for Designer Circle)
Something I liked about the Forbidden outfit is that I could make the outfit more versatile by being able to pair any tank tank in my inventory with it!  The photo on the right shows one of the tank tops I chose to pair with it.

While you are at Tameless, be sure to join the group to stay informed on new releases, events, and the fabulous group gifts!  Also, be sure to stop by Stars! to check out the selection of jewelry for you to wear with your new outfit!

Happy Shopping!

Skin:  The Skin You're In @ Toys for Tots -- Candi (Sunglow) 100% to Toys for Tots
Outfit:  Tameless -- Forbidden (includes sweater, jeans, legwarmer boots, and holster w/gun)
Hair:  Tameless -- Raina (fades)
Tank:  Tameless -- Wanted (from Vix avatar set)
Lashes:  Tameless -- Lashes 30
Earrings:  Stars! -- Triangle Lace (silver) (send note to Stargem Winkler to purchase)
Shape:  Anna Shapes -- Noelle

Location:  Virtual Decay