Sunday, February 26, 2012

HappyFace -- L$50 Shapes

HappyFace is retiring eleven shapes on March 4 to make room for new creations!  This is wonderful news for you because those eleven shapes are marked down to L$50!  The price is an absolute steal! For L$50 you receive the copy and modifiable shape, pregnancy bases, eyebrow shapers, style card, and physics. What an amazing deal!

Sari (top) and Kodi (bottom) are two of the eleven shapes which will be retiring on March 4.  You'll want to hurry because you don't want to miss out on any of the retiring shapes!

Top Photo Credits
Shape:  HappyFace -- Sari
Outfit:  AlterEgo -- Backstabber (group gift)
Shoes:  Gabriel -- Gladiator (group gift)
Makeup:  Shakeup -- Lara Lipsticks (Carnation Pink + Teeth B)
Skin:  Noya -- Susie
Hair:  Amacci -- Doris (Coffee)
Pose:  PNP -- Nancy 5
Background:  PNP -- Dream 3 (posers expo gift)

Bottom Photo Credits:
Shape:  HappyFace -- Kodi
Outfit:  AlterEgo -- Corrupt (grey)
Makeup: Shakeup -- Lara Lipsticks (Carmine + Teeth B)
Skin: Noya -- Susie
Hair:  Exile -- Nyx (Mahogany)
Pose:  PNP -- Nancy 7
Background:  PNP -- Dream 3 (posers expo gift)

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