Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Wash -- L$10 and Under Goodies

Looking for a bargain?  You will find amazing items at The Wash for L$10 and under in the carts along the street.  There are items for men and ladies, the home, and so much more!  However, as with all good things, the cart sale will end on March 14. 

There are many popular stores at The Wash, but the sale items are in the carts.  Below are a few of the items I found for L$10!

Both of these outfits are steals from Allusions!  The tank in the left photo has accents of beaded lace around the bust and the bottom; furthermore, as it has the middle skirt prim, it could be worn as a mini-skirt.  In the right photo, the lace shrug is stunningly delicate and it shows off the lowrise jeans beautifully.

Left Photo:  Top:  Allusions -- Beaded Tunic Tank (Night)
                     Pants:  Allusions -- Lowrise Boho Ink
                     Skin:  Style By Kira -- Willow

Right Photo:  Top:  Allusion -- Lace Crop Shrug
                      Pants:   Allusions -- Lowrise Boho Ink
                      Skin:   Style By Kira -- Kate

The two dresses above are from the Lushish Catz cart.  The dress on the right, Leena, is sexy and daring while the dress on the left, Betty, is flirty and sweet.  Both dresses caught my eye while I was roaming about, and I only paid L$11 for the two!

Left Photo:  Lushish Catz -- Leena (L$1)
Right Photo: Lushish Catz -- Betty...The Wash Exculsive

There are many, many more items for L$10 and under at The Wash!  But remember, the cart sale will end on March 14!  Don't miss your chance to grab these and other bargains! 

Other credits:
Poses:  oOo Studio -- oOo Surface group gift (NOT at The Wash!)
Hair:  Alli and Ali --  Lana (top)  (NOT at The Wash)
                                  Skye (bottom right)  (NOT at The Wash)
                                  Yahira (bottom left) (NOT at The Wash)
Shape:  Noya -- Susie (NOT at The Wash)
Skin:  Noya -- Susie (bottom photos)

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