Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Treasure for a Blogger -- PNP Studio Background

As my profile states, I am not a model or a photographer; therefore, I did not have poses or backgrounds for the photos when I first started my blog.  Like most bloggers, I started out with the poses I could find on the Marketplace that were inexpensive and slowly increased my collection.

Recently, I attended the Proposers Expo and found a great many wonderful poses and props for my blog photos.  However, one of the most useful tools I came across was the PNP Studio Background.  This system is an amazing treasure not only in the number of poses and backgrounds, but in it's ease of use and affordability. 

I thought it would take me some time to learn how to use this tool; however, it was as easy as rezzing and stepping on the pose stand.  I don't think the set could be any easier to use!  I love being able to turn a pose with a few clicks of the controller!  I also adore the simplicity of loading my own poses and backgrounds into the system!

This amazing system includes the pose stand, stand controller, fifty single PNP poses, fifty PNP photo backgrounds, and nine chroma-key backgrounds for L$1250.  That is an unbelievable bargain!

The other thing I treasure about the studio is that it is only 14 prims and it fits in my home from Linden Labs. I think everyone can relate to the irritation of having to rezz something at a sandbox because it puts you over your prim limit or that it is just too big. As you can see in the photo of my home, the top of the studio just touches the ceiling; however, it does not go through the roof for the neighbors to see. 

For anyone seeking a photography system, I highly recommend the PNP Studio Background for your photography needs.  Try it for yourself at the PNP in-world store and you too will be amazed!

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