Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Unknown Hunt -- Ending Soon

Hello!  If you had not heard, I have been offline due to a fire at my home.  The cause was an electrical issue in the crawlspace of the house.  Needless to say, it was horribly frightening to wake up to smoke filling the house; however, I am so very thankful the fire was quickly extinguished so no one was hurt (not even the pets) and there was only minor damage to the house.  The lesson I learned to pass on to you is to check your fire alarms!
Hunt Prize:  Kaithleen's  (Spring Romper)
Hunt Prize:  Persnickity  (Floral Birdcage)
As you can well imagine, it has taken some time to clean up the mess, have electronics inspected, and to work on removing the smell from the house.  There is still work to be done, but I can go back to work after I get some blogging done!
Hunt Prize: Sleeping Koala  (Bird Print Top)
Hunt Prize: Laureen's Secrets  (Color Change Hat -- Capline Sarah)
To celebrate my return to Second Life, and to blogging, I want to introduce you to some items you will find in The Unknown Hunt!  The hunt ends on April 30th, and the prizes are free!  As you can see from the photos, you don't want to miss out on the amazing prizes!  There is everything from clothing to poses, and furniture to vintage stereo systems!  You are sure to find something delightful!
Hunt Prize:  Toxic High  (Tank Dress and Leggings)
Hunt Prize: {U.R.} Fashion Designs  (Knockout Boots)
Hunt Prize: {U.R.} Fashion Designs  (Knockout Boots)
While I was going through the prizes, I was really impressed with the detail of the items!  It was very difficult to choose which prizes to show!  The creators worked very hard to create prizes for your wardrobe, your male friend's wardrobe, and your home!  Yes, there are even items in the hunt for the guys!
Hunt Prize:  Knockers (Songbird Dress)
There are thirty-three locations to visit, and you can visit The Unknown Hunt page to receive hints and more!
I did the hunt earlier today, so it is totally possible to nab all the prizes in the hunt before it ends!  Again, don't delay because the hunt ends on April 30th!

Happy Shopping and Hunting!!

Hunt Prize:  Kaithleen's -- Spring Mini Romper
Hunt Prize:  Persnickity -- Floral Birdcage with Singing Bird
Hunt Prize:  Sleeping Koala -- Bird Print T-Shirt
Hunt Prize:  Laureen's Secrets-- Capline Sarah (color change hat)
Hunt Prize:  Toxic High -- Tank Dress and Leggings
Hunt Prize:  {U.R.} Fashion Designs -- Knockout Boots
Hunt Prize:  Knockers -- Songbird Dress
Shape:  Anna Shapes -- Danny
Skin:  Style by Kira -- Elena 01D
Top Photo Hair:  D!va -- Daria Type B (Citrine)
Hair:  [e]  -- Listen, Control, Only
Jeans:  Razorblade Jacket  -- Fuel
Nails:  AlterEgo -- Juicy
Pose:  WetCat -- Nala 5, TTB 10, TTB 18, Jeweler 16
Background:  KaTink -- Summertime Pack 4 (#35)

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