Monday, October 1, 2012

Diamond Style -- New Release & Miss Diamond Style Contest

If you are wishing to spice up your look for the season, you will want to be sure to visit Diamond Style!  They offer a beautiful selection of skins, shapes, hair, and clothing for men and women!

The captivating new release from Diamond Style  is the Doris skin and shape!  The exquisite skin is available in fair, sunkissed, tan, and dark tones with six beautiful makeup options for each skin tone.

I think you will agree the Doris shape is gorgeous, elegant, and alluring.  Those of you who prefer modify shapes will be pleased to know that the Doris shape is copy and modify; therefore, you may personalize the shape if you prefer.

Diamond Style:  Doris skin and shape
Makeup 1 (fair)
Another exciting bit of news from Diamond Style is the Miss Diamond Style contest!  You can pick up a copy of the rules and information for the competition at the front of the store.

I must say, the prizes are absolutely fantastic, and the sponsor gifts are amazing!  The following prize information is what I obtained from the contest information at the store.

The first place prizes!

                         * $10,000L cash from Diamond Style!
                         *  $5,000L gift card from Diamond Style!
                         *  $2000L gift card from Ovation Poses
                         *  $1500L gift card from TIPTOE shoes
                         *  The complete 2013 collection from Diamond Style!
                         *  The winner's Tiara from Alyssa Bijoux!
                         *  A training session with Classic with Style modeling school and  agency!
                         *  An interview with SLFierce Magazine!
The first runner up prizes!

                         *  $1,000 gift card from Diamond Style!
                         * All new releases from Diamond Style for six months!
The second runner-up prizes!

                           *  $500 gift card from Diamond Style
                           * All new releases from Diamond  Style for three months!

While you are at Diamond Style, be sure to join the group to stay updated on events and new releases!  Believe me, you don't want to miss any news from Diamond Style!

Happy shopping!

Shape:  Diamond Style -- Doris
Skin:  Diamond Style -- Doris
Dress: Diamond Style -- Tania (includes jewelry)
Lashes:  R.icielli -- Lashes tattoo from Bella package
Hair:  [e] -- Again (2)
Pose:  WetCat Builds and Poses --  Emanuel 1 (nail)

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