Sunday, September 30, 2012

I love these shoes from Redgrave!

In my post about the new releases from WetCat Builds and Poses, I was wearing a fantastic pair of heels that I found from Redgrave!

Redgrave's Nikki is 100% mesh and is color change by a HUD.  The HUD  is a breeze to use to change the size, shoe parts to any of the 12 stunning colors, metal accent to silver or gold, skin tone, and nail color.   That's a lot of options!

You'll also be interested to know that the creation is unbelievably affordable!  How affordable you ask?  The style is only L$289!  I think you will agree, that's a fabulous value for such a wonderful design!

Nikki with all shoe parts black

Not only do I love the realistic textures of the shoe and the skin, I also adore the style of the creation!  It can be worn with formal attire or with casual attire to add a classy attitude to the outfit.  Of course, with the HUD, you can create a shoe to match almost anything you are wearing.  I took one photo with the pieces of the shoe all black and another with each individual piece as a different color to give you an idea of the combination options you have with the HUD.

Nikki with each shoe part a different color

As with all heels, and especially those that are mesh, be sure to try the free demo that is available to be sure you love them as much as I do!

Photo from Marketplace

Photo from Marketplace

Happy shopping!

Shoes:  Redgrave -- Nikki
Pants:  PurpleMoon -- Skinny Jeans
Pose:  WetCat Builds and Poses -- "Adle" Runway set (number 6)

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