Monday, February 13, 2012

The AlterEgo Party--Finally!

I finally had time to go through the items from the unbelievable party at AlterEgo celebrating the first birthday of the business.  Toxxic closed to sim to all but group members and it was 24 hours of heaven for those who were able to attend! 

During the time I spent hunting for the 18 free outfits spread across the sim and shopping while I was hunting, I was able to sample the DJing talent of DJ Suki (Adriana Steampunk)!  She had the place jumping and was so much fun on mic! Can't wait to catch her again! You can see a small sample of the people she had on the dance floor on yesterday's blog post.

Oh, you caught the mention of 18 outfits?  Well, I just happen to have a photo of two of the outfits given away in the hunt! The photo on the left is 305-Red.  This adorably sexy outfit came with the tank, jeans, and the jacket! I absolutely love the jacket!  The photo on the right is of  Hoochie-Purple. Hoochie is fantastically fun and came with the mini-dress and stockings. I can't wait to turn some heads while wearing it!

Of course, while I was hunting for the free outfits, I had to make some purchases of my own! I couldn't resist the two outfits below.  The left photo is Bad Bitches - Aqua and the right photo is Revolution - Gray.  I've been having a lot of fun with Bad Bitches and I look forward to the fun I'll have while wearing Revolution. 

For those wondering, the shape and skin in the photos is from Noya and the hair from A&A hair.

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