Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dressed by Lexi -- A Wonderful Find

Ladies, I think we all have had it happen to us.  We are looking for something different in fashion for our bulging closest and a dozen friends send landmarks for places saying each location has an outfit for every occasion.  I was in that position recently.  I asked around and received the numerous landmarks.  One of the landmarks given to me was for Dressed By Lexi. The friend who gave it to me said Lexi Roxan was a diverse designer and treated her group members exceptionally.  I always take this sort of information with a few doses of salt; however, I do trust this friend because I couldn't have made it in SL with her. 

I first checked out the designs of Lexi Roxan on the Marketplace.  I was amazed by the affordability and the diversity!  There is literally something for every taste and every occasion!  The other astounding find was that many of the outfits included the shoes and jewelry!  Ladies, you know how hard it is to find accessories to match outfits and you know how priceless it is to find a designer who supplies them.

Today I visited the store and found an extraordinary, stylish outfit. I promised myself I would limit my purchase to one outfit.  After walking around the three floors of heavenly designs ranging from evening gowns to bikinis, I chose a very stylish pant outfit.  Understandably, as you can see in the photo, the outfit is named L.A. by Day.  The outfit came with the delicately detailed top, exquisite jacket, re-sizable belt, incredible tailored slacks, shoes, and jewelry!  I adore the ruffled, stand-up collar on the jacket!  The whole outfit has a very glamorous feel to it and does make you feel like you are taking L.A. by storm!

My friend had stated that Lexi is very generous to her group membership.  I found that to be true with the February group gift named Serendipity.  Honestly, I thought it was a mistake in pricing.  As you can see in the photo, the gown is stunning!  After examining the wall of past group gifts, I realized the generous group gift was not an error or an exception.  Lexi shows her appreciation to her loyal membership with high quality gifts every month.  To top off her generosity, the group is free to join! 

It is safe to say that Dressed by Lexi will be a normal visit for me and I'll be a loyal member of the group!

**Shape and Skin by Noya and hair by A&A

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