Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Clarity Creations -- Works of Artisty

I'm so excited about today's shopping experience!  I traveled to few locations today to browse about and while I was traveling a notice from a fashion group attracted by attention.  I feel very fortunate to have made my way to Clarity Creations from that group notice. 

The owner, Edina Clarity, was in the shop and was very personable.  She welcomed me warmly upon arrival and was very helpful during my visit.  I know owners are busy creating their next item, but I find it very impressive when an owner takes time to visit with patrons. 

During my conversation with Edina Clarity, she pointed out a few items on special from Valentine's Day and she pointed out three group gifts on display.

Several items came home with me today from Clarity Creations.  I'll share a few with you today and some tomorrow.  Yes, I'm cruel but you can always visit the store and guess what I'll share with you tomorrow.  *wink*

The first item is the group gift that was mentioned in the group announcement.  As you can see from the photo, it is stunningly seductive! In my opinion, the detail of the back is nothing short of a work of art!  And remember, this shimmering item of artistry is a group gift! 

The other item mentioned in the group notice was only L$10!  As you can see in the photos, the July mini-dress is delectable!  The intricate, floral design on the front and back was created with amazing detail.  Of course, I must mention that I love the accent at the bellybutton!

The last item I'll mention today is a simply stunning formal named Katherine.  Again, I had to show photos of the front and back of the creation.  The shoulder, bust, and hip accents are beautifully done.  I really adore the delicate fabric that gently hangs over the shoulder and onto the back. As you can see, the back of the gown is just as breathtaking as the front.  I am so happy that Edina Clarity chose a train for this gown.  It would have been beautiful with a straight skirt; however, the re-sizable train adds even more glamour to this exquisite creation.  Don't you agree?

I look forward to sharing more from my experince tomorrow!  Until then, please be sure to follow the link to Clarity Creations marketplace page or visit the store inworld.  

**Skin and shape by Noya...Hair by A&A

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