Friday, February 17, 2012

A Spectacular Find!

Yesterday was a day off from blogging because my computer was on strike. For some reason, it felt like it needed to take all day doing updates and scans. I tried to reason with it, but it just didn't understand my needs to get online and into SL. *sighs*

On with today! I'm so excited with today's find! My spectacular find was the work of Beertje Beaumont. She is a RL artist and the owner of Beertje's Gallery and Jewelry.

I spent a long while roaming about the store. I took notice of the exquisite jewelry, gorgeous ladies formals, footwear, artwork, and even the beautifully crafted swords. I was astonished by the artistic detail of each creation on display.

Being a woman, I was transfixed by the jewelry. The jewelry is stunning! I chose the Spring Breeze set for the blog today. The set is beautifully elegant with the open rose accents adorning intricate designs created in silver. The set is available in several different colors, and I'm sure I'll return for all of them!

There is another unbelievable detail to this set. The spectacular Spring Breeze necklace, earrings, and bracelet were L$100. Yes, that is L$100 for all three pieces! I did not typo the price.

Though the Spring Breeze set is lovely on it's own, I did given in and purchase the matching tiara. I'm usually not a fan of tiaras, but I made an exception for this set. It was simply too beautiful not to have in my jewelry box at the price of L$25!

I'm sure you are intriqued and want to go shopping for your own personal treasures to add to your personal jewelry box! You will want to visit the store inworld to take advantge of the prices mentioned. I've included the slurl below! Please be sure to take your time and enjoy the creations on display by Beertje Beaumont!

Happy shopping!!

**Skin & shape by Noya and Hair by A&A.

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