Monday, February 13, 2012

Noya Valentine Make Up -- A Must Have!

Valentine's Day is upon us and all the ladies in SL are looking for ways to ensure their Valentine notices them.  Ladies, Noya has heard your cries for something unique and has offered  the **NOYA** - [99L-1 week-PROMO] I Heart You -Valentine Make Ups.   

Ladies, you will adore the glamorous feel of this product!  Those who gaze upon you will take note of your beautifully glossed lips accented by an adorable Valentine heart and their gaze will be drawn to your cheeks which will be enhanced with a touch of color and an optional heart-shaped mole.  For the evening, if you wish to turn even more heads, just apply the smokey eyeshadow to your already lovely features. 

The Valentine make ups Noya has provided are a luxury in price, detail, and versatility. I've taken photos of just two of the fifteen make-up tattoo options. Yes! Fifteen!

The photo on the left is the Pink Lips with Pink Heart accent, Heart-Shaped Mole, and Blush tattoo.  The photo on the right is Red Lips with Pink Heart accent, Smokey Eyes, Heart-Shaped Mole, and Blush tattoo. In both photos I am wearing the lovely Noya Susie shape and skin.

Now that you have read a little about the Valentine product, please be sure to visit the Noya store on the Marketplace by following the link above.  You will be amazed by the creations Noya has provided the ladies of SL in shapes, skins, make-up, and clothing!

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