Friday, June 15, 2012

Paris Metro Couture, J & W Jewelers, and EyeLure -- Pretty in Pink

Have you ever put on something and found yourself in awe that the item was more beautiful than you expected?  Well, that happened to me when I dressed for an evening out. 

Pollen de fleurs is a gown recently released at Paris Metro Couture, and it simply took my breath away with it's beauty and elegance.  The delicate layers of the mermaid skirt were so entrancing as I moved that I felt like a little girl twirling in a new gown just to watch it flow around me!

This lovely gown is exquisite in every detail!  The gorgeous floral pattern of the material, the delicate ruffles on the bust and back, and the tasseled accessory at the waist create such a soft and feminine design!  Even the back of the gown is stunning with it's elegant opening and the jeweled clasp!

Of course, I couldn't think of any jewelry more well suited for the gown than the Pink Ice set from the Jade Collection at  J & W Jewelers.  I have always adored this set and you'll find this enchanting set on sale for only L$20!  The set includes the necklace, earrings, and the bracelet!

While I was looking over my appearance, I decided that EyeLure's KissKiss Lip Creme would be a wonderful way to bring a bit more color to my lips.  The KissKiss set can be found on the marketplace and includes seven lush colors for only L$60!

I hope you will be as delighted as I with the creations from Paris Metro Couture, J & W Jewelers, and EyeLure!   I also hope you will take time to visit the enchanting Amorosa Ballroom, where I took the photos, and keep an eye out for the events there!

Happy shopping!!

Gown:  Paris Metro Couture -- Pollen de fleurs
Jewelry:  J & W Jewelers -- Jade Collection (Pink Ice)
Cosmetics:  EyeLure -- KissKiss Lip Creme (Perfect Pink)
Hair:  elikatira -- Rumor (Brown 08)
Skin: Apparence Skins & Shapes -- T5 E13
Shape: Noya -- Avril
Pose: Glitterati-- 16 & 59
Photo Location:  Amorosa Ballroom entrance

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