Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lovable AO from NOYA

The products from NOYA are always of high quality, fun, and affordable.  The Lovable AO is no different, and is priced at only L$249. 

The Lovable AO is perfect for the lady who greets others with smiles and hugs, and who inspires others to engage in laughter and conversation.  The Lovable AO is for the lady who's personality is endearing, playful, and delightfully captivating. 

Images from Lovable AO -- Not shown in order

The movements of  NOYA's Lovable AO were painstakingly created to be smooth, unique, and enchanting.  This AO is wonderful for conversations, and places which are packed with people.  The Lovable AO concentrates it's movements in a small area and fairly consistently facing in one direction.  I have used it for about a week and found it not to affect the movements of others close by, and I noticed I didn't seem to turn away, or especially walk away, from the person with whom I was conversing. 

The Lovable AO also includes several walks, runs, and animated sits.  It also includes animations for flying, running, and swimming.  Though the Lovable AO from NOYA is only for sale on the Marketplace, you are able to try the demo in-world by clicking the link. 

While you are at NOYA's marketplace store, be sure to check out the specials and the other fantastic AO's, clothing, makeup, and the skin and shape creations for males and females!

Outfit:  *DivaLicious* -- Whisper (Baby Blue)  (1 of 4 dresses in pack that is L$50--upstairs)
Hair:  Truth --  Lykie (chestnut)
Makeup:  NOYA -- Dark Passion eyes + Magenta Lips (Pippa Makeup Pack)
Skin:  NOYA -- Pippa
Shape:  NOYA -- Pippa
Photos show movements of NOYA's  Lovable AO (No static poses were used)

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