Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fashioncentric Hunt Prizes -- Diamond Avatar, RM-DESIGN, & Es Stylez

I can't think of any three prizes from the Fashioncentric "Hi5" Hunt which go better together than those from *Diamond Avatar*, ~*Es Stylez*~, and RM-DESIGN

~*Es Stylez*~ is offering hunters a beautiful dress named Paula and the shoes to match!  I think you will agree that the dress is gorgeously designed!  I love the sparkle at the hem of each ruffle and the elegant rose accent at the bust.  Of course, the sparkling, matching shoes are a hunter's dream!

Fashioncentric Hunt Prizes from Diamond Avatar, Es Styles, and RM-DESIGN

The Fashioncentric Hunt prize from RM-DESIGN is a jewelry set that is beyond generous!  The set includes two necklaces, two bracelets, earrings, and the ring!  I'm sure you will love this elegant set not only for the design, but also because it will coordinate with almost any outfit! 

*Diamond Avatar* was also very generous for the prize offering in the Fashioncentric Hunt.  The Melanie skin is beautifully toned, and the makeup is dazzling!  I really adore the eye and lip shades of this prize!

These are only three of the many hunt prizes from the Fashioncentric Hunt!  If you have not started hunting, it's not too late!  The hunt will continue throughout April!

Fashioncentric Hunt Prize:  ~*Es Stylez*~ -- Paula Dress with Shoes
Fashioncentric Hunt Prize:  RM-DESIGN -- Patricia
Fashioncentric Hunt Prize:  *Diamond Avatar* -- Melanie skin
Shape:  Noya -- Pippa
Hair:  Truth -- Andrea (Chestnut)
Background:  PNP -- Dublin 6
Pose: PNP -- Stella 1 & Stella 5
Pose:  Exposeur Poses & Animations -- Pretty Princess 4

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