Monday, March 26, 2012

Vero Modero Easter Hunt Items

Did you hear that Vero Modero is having an Easter Hunt from March 23 to April 8?  If you didn't know, there are twelve decorated eggs hidden around the main store with free prizes for men and women! 

I had my first chance to hunt today and was astounded by the quality and generosity when I started opening the prizes!  I am so glad I took the time because I would have kicked myself if I missed out on the prizes I found today! 

Vero Modero Easter Hunt Items
Left:  Pants, Top, Scarf, and Sunglasses
Middle:  Uni-sex top and Jeans (two separate prizes)
Right:  Top and Skirt
I adore all the prizes I found today, but the outfit on the left made me clap in delight.  It included the re-sizable top, Capri pants, scarf, and even the sunglasses!

The middle outfit is actually made of two prizes.  The top is uni-sex and the jeans are a totally amazing fit!  If you remember, I am a huge fan of denim; therefore, the jeans as a prize made me very, very happy!  One can never have enough pairs of jeans!

The outfit on the right was a very nice surprise!  The prize included the top and the beautifully detailed skirt.  You'll be happy to know that the skirt is modify; therefore, you can adjust it to fit your avatar. 

I know you are eager to get to the Vero Modero Easter hunt after seeing the prizes.  Make sure to pick up a copy of the hints upon your arrival to help you find the Easter eggs.  Also, be sure to join the group for the updates on future events, sales, and for the amazing group gifts! 

Outfits:  Vero Modero --  Easter Hunt prizes
Shoes:  Vero Modero -- Pumps Black (Left photo)
Sandals:  Viviane Fashion -- Vicky Sandals (Middle & Right)
Hair:  Exile -- Nina (Left) and Tempest (Right)
Hair:  Truth -- Andrea (Middle)
Shape:  Noya -- Pippa
Skin:  Noya -- Susie (Left) and Pippa (Middle & Right)
Poses:  PNP -- Luna 6, Nancy 4, Valerie 7

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