Monday, February 20, 2012

Luck Strikes Twice at ::Poised::

I had a very nice stroke of luck yesterday while I was roaming about SL.  A friend suggested I stop into ::Poised:: and check out the selection of clothing by Poise Collins.  While I was exploring the shop, I noticed the Lucky Board had my letter! 

Below is a photo of the prize I won named ::Poised:: Blitz.  This awesome outfit came with the crop tank, jacket, scarf, leg band, arm bands, gloves, leggings, bracelets, sheer tank, and belt.  I couldn't believe my luck! 

Today, I had another round of good luck at the boards while I was obtaining a slurl for this blog entry.  I'm excited to report that this time I won ::Poised:: Lick Storm!  As you can surely understand, I was very eager to try this prize on and so rushed home!  This prize included the dress, re-sizable belt, stockings, armband with iPod, and knee pads.

I hope you will visit ::Poised:: by following the Marketplace links to view these, and other items, by Poise Collins.  You can also use the slurl below to visit the in-world shop!

Happy shopping!!

Top Photo:
Outfit:  ::Poised:: Blitz
Hair: Maitreya  (Green II)
Skin & Shape: Noya

Bottom Photo:
Outfit:  ::Poised::  Lick Storm
Make-up:  Noya (9 Make Up  Options)
Hair:  HairArt (Aarika II)
Skin & Shape:  Noya

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