Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dealing with Stolen Content - Admiration for Creators

Dear Readers,

Hello!!  I am thrilled to be back in SL and to blogging!  I have missed you all so very much!  It has been wonderful hearing about the adventures you have had during my absence, and I look forward to getting back in touch with everyone!

In this post, I wish to give a round of applause to creators and designers in SL.  I have so much admiration for those who provide the items for our virtual lives!  They spend countless hours during the process of creating and designing an item; furthermore, they also spend large amounts of money on programs, tools, education, and uploading fees!

Sadly, for their pain, some creators are robbed of their creations.  I cannot imagine the heartbreak and frustration of having a creation stolen and resold under another brand.  Nor can I imagine the effort which goes into proving the stolen work was your own.

I bring this situation to light as I recently learned of Kiddo Oh's battle with a design being stolen and resold by another resident in SL.  I strongly encourage you to read her story on the Dead Dollz blog.

Gown from Dead Dollz (L$1 at main store)
Pose from Eternal Dreams Poses
Hair from Tameless Hair
Shown in the above photo is a black version of Kiddo Oh's creation named Cosette.  As stated on the Dead Dollz blog, Kiddo Oh is placing this version of her creation for sale for L$1 at the Dead Dollz main store as an effort to disrupt sales of the stolen item during the process of the DCMA filing.

After reading Kiddo Oh's story, you may be wondering what to do if you see something which may be stolen content.  Well, my suggestion is to contact the original creator with the business name, location link of the item (marketplace or SLurl), and brief description of the content in question.  Do not take for granted the original creator knows about the suspected theft.  After making contact, it is then up to the original creator to take action to protect their intellectual property.

Jewelry from Stars!
Skin from Dulce Secrets
Shape from Anna Shapes
Before closing this post, I wish to bring attention to the stunning Lizzie jewelry set from Stars!, the gorgeous Sharon shape from Anna Shapes at Designer Circle, and the lovely Makhilla skin from Dulce Secrets at bodyFanatik shown in the photo above. The Sharon shape will be available until November 22nd for only L$80, and the Makhilla skin will be available until November 25th for only L$350 per pack!  There four beautiful skin tones available, and seven skins in each pack!   After the event, the Makhilla skins will be sold individually.

Happy Shopping!

Gown:  Dead Dollz -- Cosette  (L$1 at main store)
Jewelry:  Stars! -- Lizzie (black)
Shape:  Anna Shapes @ Designer Circle -- Sharon
Skin:  Dulce Secrets @ bodyFanatik -- Makhilla (raw sugar -- red rose)
Hair:  Tameless Hair -- Donna (naturals - charcoal)
Lashes:  Tameless Hair -- Lashes 36
Pose:  Eternal Dream Poses -- Beat 02 (pose 8)

Photo Location:  The Looking Glass

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