Friday, May 2, 2014

EB Awareness Event

I want to thank each of you for spreading the word about the EB Awareness Event and for participating in the event by making purchases, attending activities, and for your donations!  Thanks to you, the event has raised over L$107,000 so far! 

As I mentioned in my previous post, there are over 40 fabulous designers and creators participating in the event!  Today, I want to show you the Siena Luxury Home found at the Quantum Luxury Homes booth!   I am thrilled to tell you 75% of each sale of the Siena Luxury Home will be donated to Debra of America!  

Below are some photos of the gorgeous home!  The Siena Luxury Home has a fountain in front, patio with pool and fire pit in back, foyer, living room, family room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and two bedrooms!  

Siena Luxury Home -- Front View
Siena Luxury Home -- Entry View

Siena Luxury Home -- View to Pool

Not only is the Siena Luxury Home beautifully created and textured, you will also find delightful options not found in many homes.  For instance, there are several options for the lighting, adjustable window tint, running water in taps, animated poses for bathroom sink, shower, and tub, and even the burners on the cook-top in the kitchen light up!

Siena Luxury Home -- Kitchen View

Siena Luxury Home -- Bathroom Views (shower not shown)

Another way the Siena Luxury Home impressed me was the ease of set-up!  The rezzer for the home was extremely easy to use, and even landscaped the area to allow for SL water to be used for the pool! I've never run into such a wonderful process in another home!

Siena Luxury Home -- Back and Pool View

While you are at the EB Awareness Event, please be sure to watch the videos about EB at the landing area, visit the other booths and the Butterfly Cave, and explore the lovely rest areas behind the booths!  Of course, we also ask that you tell your friends about the event to raise awareness of Epidermolysis Bullosa and funds for Debra of America

Hugs to all and happy shopping!

Quantum Luxury Homes @ EB Awareness Event -- Siena Luxury Home (75% of purchase donated to Debra of America)

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