Monday, February 24, 2014

Releases from Amarelo Manga and Shakeup

Dear Readers,

     Thank you for your prayers and well wishes while I have been away to be with my grandmother and family.  Sadly, my grandmother passed away on January 25, 2014 from pancreatic cancer.  It was difficult to watch her slip away from us; however, I was given the opportunity to tell her that I loved her before her passing.  Not everyone is given that gift.
     I will be returning to SL slowly, and will begin publishing regular blog posts soon. Below are some photos of stunning items perfect for a stylish day with your friends from Amarelo Manga and  Shakeup!
     I hope you have a wonderful week and I look forward to catching up with you!


Silvia Jewelry set from Amarelo Manga is available in 5 colors and  includes matching earrings, necklace, and ring.
The Janire Lipstick from Shakeup is available in  9 packs of 4 colors.
The Basic Eyeliner pack from Shakeup includes 8 eyeliners.
Ines Jumpsuit from Amarelo Manga is available in 5 colors.

Outfit:  Amarelo Manga -- Ines Jumpsuit (Canary)
Jewelry:  Amarelo Manga -- Silvia (Fancy Yellow Diamond)
Sunglasses:  Amarelo Manga -- Ivone (gold)
Lipstick:  Shakeup!  --  Janire (NY Pink -Glossy/Teeth)
Eyeliner:  Shakeup!  -- The Basic Eyeliners (101)
Shape:  Anna Shapes -- Amanda
Hair:  D!va -- Chika4
Shoes:  Redgrave -- Nikki
Skin:  WoW Skins --Didy (milk)
Pose:  The Muse Poses -- Nile 4

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