Tuesday, October 2, 2012

WoW Skins -- Amazing Group Gift & Marketplace Promotion

To celebrate over 4000 group members, WoW Skins has created a fantastic complete avatar as a group gift!  The gift is named Nana and includes the shape, skin with cleavage option, eyes, outfit, belly chain, necklaces, and ring!  I think you will agree, this is a very generous gift for WoW group members!  If you have not picked up this gorgeous gift, be sure to do so soon!  You don't want to miss out!

Please be aware, there is a L$150 fee to join the group; however, this group gift alone pays for the joining fee!

You'll also want to check out the WoW's Marketplace store!  There is an unbelievable one week promotion for Mei!  The promotion includes the Mei shape, nine skins with cleavage option, eyes, eyebrow shaper, diva lashes, two mesh dresses, top and pants, and jewelry set for only L$999! Hurry, this promotion is only for one week!

Marketplace Photo -- Mei shape and skins

Marketplace photo -- Mei outfits

While you are at WoW Skins, and wearing your group tag, be sure to tap the Midnight Mania boards, Lucky Letter boards, and pick up the past group gifts!

Happy shopping!!

Shape:  WoW Skins -- Nana group gift
Skin: WoW Skins -- Nana group gift
Eyes:  WoW Skins --  Type D 5 (part of Nana group gift)
Jewelry:  WoW Skins --  Necklaces, ring, belly chain (part of Nana group gift)
Outfit:  WoW Skins -- Nana Pants & Shirt
Shoes:  Redgrave -- Audrey
Hair:  [e] --  Spark (brown 04)
Pose:  WetCat Builds and Poses -- TTB 29

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