Friday, June 1, 2012

Style by Kira -- Don't Miss Out!

Kira Paderborn has been very busy creating new skins for  Style by Kira!   Those who follow my blog will remember I interviewed Kira Paderborn not too long ago. She is a fantastic skin and shape designer, and one which I follow closely.

The first bit of exciting news is that you'll find Style by Kira at Skin Addiction! For this event, Kira has placed two sets of the Serenity skins for sale.  Each skin is only L$500 each and the single skin package includes two cleavage options, physics, and an eyebrow shaper.  However, if you are looking for an even better deal, the fat pack of each skin is only L$2000 and it includes the seven skins, two cleaveage options for each skin, physics, eyebrow shaper, and the Serenity shape! That is an amazing value!!

There are demos available for each skin, and I know you will appreciate Kira's artistry even more after trying a demo! The skins are beautifully created, and I'm sure you will agree that the detail is extraordinary! 

Top: Serenity Shape and Serenity  02B & 02F skins
Bottom: Serenity Shape and Serenity  03A & 03E skins
While you are visiting Style by Kira at Skin Addiction, you will also want to pick up the free Beth Skin she had set out for those who attend the event!  The event will end on June 10; therefore, don't delay in picking up your free group gift or the Serenity skins!

Beth Skin -- Free Group Gift at Skin Addiction

You'll also want to visit the Style by Kira main store for another opportunity to save!  The Angel Skins are a new release at the main store and they are exquisite! Angel Special #1 and Angel Special #2 are only L$50 each!  Should you want more of the Angel skins, there is an Angel Trio for L$150 that are also stunning!

Angel Skin -- Special #1 and Special #2
Now run, don't walk, to Style by Kira at Skin Addiction and  Style by Kira main store  so you don't miss out on these incredible skins and deals!

Skin:  Style by Kira at Skin Addiction -- Serenity Skins and Beth Skin
Shape: Style by Kira at Skin Addiction -- Serenity
Shape:  Style by Kira main store -- LuLu (shown with Angel Skins)
Bikini Top:  Style by Kira main store -- Mitzi Bikini (L$5 in the back room)
Hair:  Truth -- Andrea & Dee (pecan)
Pose:  PNP -- Valerie 2
Photos taken using PNP Studio and Lighting System by Kharras Naverre

I believe in giving credit to those who work hard producing the products I blog and to those who help me with my blog; therefore, in this credit section I want to send out a huge thank you to AnneMarit Jarvinen, one of the co-owners of Props-N-Poses, and to those in the  PNP  and Pro Posers groups who have been answering my questions concerning improving my photos. I also want to thank Kharras Naverre from PNP for assisting me with the lighting system he created. It has worked wonders in my PNP Studio! 

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