Tuesday, June 19, 2012

PurpleMoon Creations-- Anniversary Hunt , Group Gift, and Sale!

PurpleMoon Creations is celebrating their anniversary by providing group members with a hunt for pieces of a spectacular outfit.  The hunt is actually named "From Head to Toe" because there are fourteen pearls to find, and each pearl contains a piece of the entire outfit!

In two pearls of the hunt are the hair base tattoos and the hair, which is color change through a touch menu.  The menu for the hair includes the colors of ebony, mahogany, chocolate, and Swedish.

Also in separate pearls are the gorgeous earrings, rings, necklace, and bracelet.  The jewelry, as I'm sure you will agree, is a work of art!

The remaining pearls are pieces of the absolutely stunning Paula gown.  The delicate detail on the bodice, sleeves, and the skirt is exquisite!  The Paula gown, on it's own, is a very generous gift for the PurpleMoon Creations group hunters!

If you are not already part of the PurpleMoon Creations group and need another reason to join, there is also an enchanting group gift!  You can find the group gift just past the desk where you rezz. 

The Ninde gown celebrates 14,000 members of the group and includes the lovely gown, arm attachments, and flowered head piece.

There is a small fee to join the PurpleMoon Creations group; however, it is only L$50.  The Anniversary Hunt and the group gift more than make up for the very small fee if you are not already a member.  Also, as part of the celebration, there is a huge sale with unbelievable discounts on many of the outfits!  Even if you decide not to join the group, you don't want to miss the sale!

Happy shopping!!

Purple Gown:  PurpleMoon Creations -- Paula Gown (hunt prize)
Blue Gown: PurpleMoon Creations -- Ninde (group gift)
Jewelry:  PurpleMoon Creations -- Pearls Dream in White (hunt prize)
Hair: PurpleMoon Creations  -- Vin Hair (hunt prize)
Skin:  Essences -- Alexia
Shape:  Noya -- Avril
Poses:  oOo Studio (Adorn 5) and Glitterati (270)
Photo location:  Gardens of Grace

I want to thank Kaijah Chrome for her assistance with editing the middle photo!  You rock!

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