Friday, April 27, 2012

Flawless Spring Sale -- Unforgettable Temptations Textures

If you enjoy building in Second Life, you know the key to creation is fabulous textures.  At the  Flawless Spring Sale you will find amazing textures from Unforgettable Temptations Textures!

The items displayed on the Unforgettable Temptations Textures cart are very affordable and range from L$40 to L$50!  I picked up the Heart of a Flower and the Amazing Design texture packages.  The Heart of a Flower package is shown in the photo on the right.  I adore this texture and couldn't resist saying "awww" when I saw the heart in the center of the flower.  The Amazing Design package is shown in the photo of the cart.  It is a beautifully intricate swirl design that comes in four colors.  I can't wait to use these amazing textures with some of my building projects! 

Of course, I will be returning to the Unforgettable Temptations Textures cart to pick up copies of the Fairy Flowers, Pretty Fireworks, Stars, and Colored Straw texture packages.  I just can't fight the temptation of not purchasing them for such unbelievably low prices!

If you have not visited the Flawless Spring Sale, don't delay because the event ends on April 29! There are over fifity creators offering exclusive L$50 items, discounted items, and there is also a fantastic hunt with prizes from the creators!  Believe me, you don't want to miss out on the event!

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