Tuesday, April 3, 2012

*EyeLure* -- Gala, Glossies, and Pouty Lips!

Needing to add some glamour and gloss to your cosmetics drawer?  *EyeLure* has cosmetic sets to help you give your look an alluring and captivating makeover at affordable prices!

The Gala Set from *EyeLure* is the perfect set for a bold entrance into any room.  The lush eyes and the beautifully colored lips of this set will have all attention drawn to you!  The Gala Set includes four full makeup tattoos in nude, black, deep red, and deep pink for only L$69.

*EyeLure* Gala
If you want softer colors for your look, you will want to consider the Glossies Set.  This set includes four full makeup tattoos in goldies, peachies, purples, and pinkies. These colors are perfect for your Spring look and the price of L$49 is perfect for your linden balance!

*EyeLure* Glossies

The last item I'll mention for your now bulging cosmetics drawer is the Pouty Lips Set.  The set includes the hint of pink tattoo, alpha mask, and prim teeth.  You can wear the items alone or together for the perfect pout!  This is a must for any lady who loves the pouty look and who loves the affordable price of L$49!

*EyeLure* Pouty Lips Set
The Gala, Glossies, and Pouty Lips sets are only a small sample of  the gorgeous cosmetics at *EyeLure*.  There are many more beautifully created and affordable sets waiting for you!  Visit the *EyeLure* store to see the full line!

Makeup:  *EyeLure* -- Glossies, Gala, and Pouty Lips
Hair:  Exile -- Nyx (Marone)
Shape:  Noya -- Pippa
Skin:  Noya -- Pippa & Venus
Pose:  PNP -- Dave 10

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