Sunday, April 1, 2012

ANImate Hud from Vextra Designs

What do dancers, models, photographers, and bloggers all have in common?  They all have huge inventories comprised of dance animations and poses!  Wouldn't it be nice to find a way to store them for easy access?  Well, I have the perfect solution!  The solution is the ANImate HUD from *VEXTRA DESIGN *.

Yes, there are many HUDs out there which are made to hold animations to help organize inventories; however, I found a treasure in the ANImate Photography & Dance HUD from *VEXTRA DESIGN*!  How is it different?  First, unlike many HUDs, the ANImate HUD is copy and modify; therefore, you can have a different HUD for different animations and poses.  Another part of this treasure I adore, is the ability to invite up to twelve avatars using "no copy" or "no transfer" animations and choosing the animation for the individual you invite! 

Though there are many wonderful features to the ANImate HUD, the most appealing feature for me was the 100 amazing poses which come pre-loaded in the ANImate HUD!  I know what you are thinking, because I thought it too; however, the pre-loaded poses are of very high quality and very impressive! 

One might think with all the wonderful features that the ANImate HUD would be expensive, but it is only L$999!  A person could easily spend that much, and more, on the number of poses alone! 

You can learn more about the ANImate HUD by visiting *VEXTRA DESIGN* on the Marketplace and also by reading the rave reviews!

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