Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gatcha Disk Earrings at ShakeUp!

Gatcha machines are addictive and at ShakeUp there are plenty of items in the machine to feed your addiction!  Hurry over to ShakeUp and win one of twenty pairs of awesome disk earrings for only L$20 per play!  While you are there, be sure to explore the buildings for shapes, makeup, and accessories!

I fell in love with the Gold and Silver earrings!  After viewing the photo, I think you can understand why!  I can't wait to collect the whole set!  The designs are gorgeous and fun!

Jewelry:  ShakeUp -- Gatcha Disk Earrings (Gold and Silver)
Clothing:  Apple May -- Gossip Girl
Hair:  Exile -- Nomi (Sunset)
Shape:  ShakeUp -- Lisboa
Skin:  Noya -- Susie
Pose:  PNP -- Nancy1

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