Monday, March 5, 2012

[AM] Shows the Group Love with Gifts

Recently, I've blogged on several pieces of the gorgeous jewelry from Amarelo Manga, but I thought it time to mention a few of the beautiful free items for the group members.

Before I tell you about the gifts, I'll mention that the group is free to join and the gift area is to the left of the landing area. You'll have to walk a short distance to the corner, but I think you will agree that the walk is well worth it for the lovely gifts awaiting you.

To the gifts!!!!  The most recent group gift is the stunning Anna shape and Jane skin that are shown in the photos below. The shape is copy and modifiable, which is a rare combination in a gift shape.

Also in the gift area are several outfits. I chose one of my favorites to show off one of the four pairs of heels available to group members. Yes, there are four pairs of exquisite heels in the gift area waiting for you!

By now, I'm sure you are eager to visit Amarelo Manga to examine the group gifts for yourself. While you are there, be sure to participate in the hunts and to take time to pamper yourself with the exquisite clothing and jewelry creations.

Clothing: [AM] -- Sofia and Butterflies (both group gifts)
Shoes: [AM] Nature Platinum (group gift)
Shape: [AM] Anna (group gift)
Skin:  [AM] Jane  (group gift)
Hair: Exile -- Nomi (Sunset) and Nina (Marone)
Poses: PNP -- Nancy1 and Haute10

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