Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Time for a Shakeup!

Ladies, it's time to go through your cosmetics drawer and bags to make room for the lush colors waiting for you at ShakeupShakeup has all your beauty needs covered!  They offer cosmetics, shapes, and accessories.

The product from this amazing location that has me so excited today is the Lara Lipsticks created by Carrie Janick!  They are a new release with twenty-one different tones and two different teeth options.  That is sixty-three total lipsticks and the set is only L$199!  Now you understand why I'm so excited!

I've selected three shades of the twenty-one to show you and placed a caption below for your reference.  I think you will agree, the lipstick tones are exquisite and the teeth only enhance the quality of the creation. 

Shakeup!  Lara Lipstick in Carnation Pink with Teeth A

Shakeup!  Lara Lipstick in Fawn with Teeth B

Shakeup!  Lara Lipstick in Sienna (no teeth)

You've seen the beautiful detail of the lipsticks and now you need to clear out your cosmetics drawer to make room for the gorgeous make up you will find at Shakeup's in-world store!

Make up:  Shakeup!  Lara Lipsticks
Hair:  Truth (Sonya--Chestnut)
Jewelry:  Amarela Manga (Luanda--set also includes a bracelet not shown in photos)
Skin & Shape:  Noya

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